60-year-old recovered alive from Lahore debris

A 60-year-old woman has been rescued alive from the rubble of a drug company more than 32 hours after the three-storey building used to manufacture veterinary medicines came crashing down after a probable boiler and a gas cylinder explosion at the premises in the congested Multan Road area on Monday, a private TV channel reported.
Rescue workers spent the night digging through the debris with their bare hands, increasingly desperate as trembling cries for help started to recede from mostly women and children trapped beneath concrete slabs.
Workers and volunteers used everything they could — hammers, axes, chisels and shovels — to shift the rubble and pull out the injured, coated in dust.
At 17 dead bodies have been pulled out of the rubble, and the death toll is thought likely to rise further with dozens of people still believed to be trapped under the concrete mass.

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