Ijaz spotted at London strip club

A video clip aired by a number of TV channels shows Mansoor Ijaz, the central character in the memo controversy, leaving a strip club in London after he was booed by some people, Dawn News reported on Thursday. Ijaz had gone to the club with his Indian friends and stayed there for some time before some youths, who appeared to be of Asian origin, spotted him and started booing him. Security personnel on duty asked him to leave the club and Ijaz was seen in the video trying to cover the lens of the camera with his hand.

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  1. Khalid Naeem said:

    He’s an ass. PMLN gave him importance just to criticize PPP and couldn’t prove anything. This has made world laugh on us again and PMLN has further lost its credits

  2. Qamber Abbas said:

    leave him out of his personal affairs , he has his own life to do what ever he pleases ..what matterrs is get the darn evidence from him so that the frekin memo thing gets a move on and zardari and mates are thrown out of the gov.

    • Anon said:

      Yes, but he is asking for a Royal security arrangement for Pakistan trip!

      and it appears that everything is good as long as it fits your agenda…

    • MKUltra said:

      He interfered with the personal affairs of an entire nation. I think he's not THAT important that he be forgiven for that.

  3. Nelta John said:

    Mr Chief Justice of Pakistan please take suo motto notice.

  4. Ibtesam said:

    Chief justice kahan lega action, wo tu bus salan mein haldi ziada hojanay pe action leta hai

    • Vaqar said:

      Dont be stupid here. The Chief Justice is not there to police morals. This is Mansoor Ijaz's personal life and he is visiting clubs in the UK, which are outside the Chief Justice's jurisdiction. By the way, can you say hand on heart that you have not done any thing immoral in your life, however big or small the sin????

  5. observer from UK said:

    Well, he is here in London spotted by the media socialising in a night club here in London.

  6. Jameel ur Rasheed said:

    Nawaz Sharif is in London. He might have booed on the Ijaz! 😀

  7. rizwan said:

    Mr gillani protocol 2 brigade mr zardari protocol 4 brigade

    what about these servants of pakistan protocol? poor nation 115 ministers?

  8. Husain Haqqani said:

    It was a regular club, not a strip club. Kate Middletown and Prince William have gone there.

  9. Ali said:

    He is not a Pakistani national, but a onal, so what he does is none of our businsss. s

  10. Tariq said:

    HE is not a Pak national, but a US national. He has never claimed to be a Pakistani national. As for issues of morality, we should be questioning our head of state, who on a visit to Turkey hired services of escorts, who were paid from national exchequer, or the former military dictator Mush who held mujras in the state house, or the sitting PM appointing common criminals and street thugs like Mian Khurran Rasool.

  11. Bali Rakhra said:

    The video doesn't show him doing anything wrong. He actually appears completely sober and is even courteous to the other parties present. Certainly not the party animal or drunken "shrabee" that the Pakistani news reports are making him out to be.

    All it show him doing is walking out of a very reputable and prestigious establishment in London which is known to be visited by members of the Royal Family. It's not a "strip-bar" and given the level of the club's clientele and network-enhancing potential, Ijaz may well have been 'socialising' in the name of business.

    Either way, the only HARD FACT out of this whole incident is that it's not Mansoor Ijaz, but rather the Pakistani media that has proven itself to have a questionable relationship with the truth. They grossly misreported the nature of the London establishment whose actual reputation is impeccable. Unless of course they're also willing to allege that the British Royal Family also frequent "strip-bars"…? No. I didn't think so.

    Moreover when viewed at it's normal speed with audio, the reasonable viewer can easily see Ijaz is unquestionably sober. THis might explain why the Pakistani media, rather than broadcasting the video normally, instead chose to slow the speed of the video, whilst removing the audio and replacing it with the soundtrack of a Bollywood song which repeated the word "Shrabee" (drunkard). Hardly the pinnacle of world class objective journalism! There will surely be a percentage of the viewers who know how to apply critical thinking to such journalism and can work this out for themselves, but alas, there will be many other viewers in Pakistan who will inevitably lap up whatever their national media feeds them, along with any politically motivated spin that has artificially been added for flavour.

    Indeed, as the entire premise of this so-called 'news story' is so easily proven to be false, this whole story actually serves to place on full display the lengths to which the Pakistani media are prepared to go to misrepresent the truth. Mansoor Ijaz actually turns out to be the VICTIM of the Pakistani media who have proven themselves perfectly willing to bend the truth to suit their own agenda.

    Perhaps if the Pakistani media had chosen to be more subtle in how they misrepresented the facts, then it could be forgiven as a journalistic error. However, the blatant and frankly laughable methods employed strongly suggest it was their deliberate intention to vilify a man and mislead the public. Not only is this unforgivable, but critical thinkers are forced to ask: "Where do the lies stop?"

    It actually calls into question the credibility of any other news report in relation to Mansoor Ijaz and 'Memo-Gate".

    Indeed, this is the true scandal of this incident. If the Pakistani media cannot be trusted in small matters, then how can it be trusted in matters big. It strikes to the very heart of the credibility of ANY of Pakistan's allegations against Mr Ijaz on the "Memo-Gate" issue.

    So rather than attacking issues of Ijaz's personal life, this news story actually LENDS CREDIBILITY TO IJAZ. And this would turn out to be the most significant outcome of this news-story.

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