Caretaker setup likely in June

The ruling PPP has decided to install a caretaker set up in June and has started the consultation process with allied and opposition parties, sources said on Wednesday. It was decided in the PPP core committee meeting that the caretaker set up would be put in place during June and the PPP had made contacts with opposition on this count. Sources said the PPP was seeing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf as third major political force in the country. However, its leadership was of the view that the PPP vote bank would not be divided and Imran Khan would cause more harm to the PML-N than the PPP.


  1. NK Ali said:

    This is good news and if the sources are plausible and credible, then something is in the air. We can breathe a sigh of relief and do away once and for all with these phony, pseudo and bogus rulers. We love our Pakistan and cannot see the mega wrongs being committed in the name of 'meritocracy' and 'democracy.' Salams

  2. dhoti_wala said:

    WHat if care take decide not to conduct election and rather decide to arrest all corroupt politicans :)))

  3. Rasheed Ahmad said:

    It will take care that the status co does not change and 'business' continues as usual.

  4. Beatle said:

    We have been reading similar news items, but carrying variable dates for care-takers and puzzled on which one to trust. Govt officials catagorically deny these, claiming that election will only be held in 2013. I take all these as speculations. However it is certain that if at all care-taker govt is installed, it won’t be before passage of nest budget.

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