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NUST on a formula race car mission

Students of the NUST-PNEC have formed the team Formula NUST, which is in the process of building a race car for a student event in UK this summer.
‘Formula Student’ is an annual educational motorsports competition held under the mentorship of Institute of mechanical engineers ImechE in collaboration with society of automotive engineers SAE. As premiere motorsports engineering competition of the world and it attracts students from the best engineering universities of the world who then design, build and race their cars. It is backed by industry and high profile engineers such as the Patron Ross Brawn OBE. The competition aims to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers.
Team Formula NUST has taken up the mantle of ensuring that Pakistan also lines up at the grid at this year’s competition. For this purpose, they have been working diligently on this project for the past year and are now currently in the process of manufacturing a Formula Student race car.
High-end engineering is virtually non-existent in Pakistan and no team from Pakistan has yet participated in this event.  Participation in this competition will have Pakistan rub shoulders with the leading engineering nations of the world.
Collaboration with Team ‘Formula NUST’ is also a very lucrative opportunity for local brands and companies from a diverse range of fields to have their logos on display at the international and national stage.
The students from NUST through this endeavor aim to project a positive image of our nation and aim establish Pakistan as a serious competitor in the field of engineering.
Motorsports is followed passionately by many in Pakistan and many young people dream of being on the race track or in the pit lanes during one of these events. Unfortunately due to the limited means they are restricted to living their dreams vicariously through the coverage of these events on television.

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