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TTP magazine circulating in Gujrat

A Jihadi magazine making the rounds in Gujrat has caught the eye of an intelligence agency, which has expressed serious concern over the subversive material, declaring it anti-state in a secret report. The report adds that the nature of the material encourages a Jihadi mindset in the society.
The magazine in question, the Nawa-e-Jehad, contains a message from Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) leader Hakeemullah Mehsood and elaborates on details of the ongoing TTP Jihadi activities. The message also includes the TTP leader’s instigation to militants to continue their ‘armed struggle’ against the civil and military establishment of Pakistan till ‘ultimate success is achieved’.
The secret report, titled ‘Circulation of subversive material in Gujrat,’ states that the magazine was published by Idara Ishat-e-Islamia in Lahore. The report recommends that the publisher be prohibited from distributing the material, and that legal action be taken against it.
Official documents also revealed that directions to take action have been issued to the Lahore and Gujranwala commissioners.

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  1. SHAHID said:

    Such a time has come in Punjab that any body can publish any thing full of religious hatred to have it distributed amongst general public; which he likes without the fear of the Govt. arm's reach it to him. State machinery because of an inept Law Minister who happens to be CM's goon has crumbled to such an extent there seems no rule of law in Punjab. CM is afraid from putting hands on religious group responsible for terrorism because he's afraid – he always is- from bloody reaction from them. Last year when sucide bombings were taking frequently in Punjab like in rest of the country he was seen pleading to the Terrorists to spare this province.


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