JI rallies against power, gas outages

Around 100 activists of Jamaat-e-Islami on Saturday took out a rally on motorbikes against corruption and unending power and gas load shedding.
The rally, led by JI leader Mian Muhammad Aslam, started from G/10 Markaz and culminated in front of the JI central office. Holding their party flags, the young activists chanted slogans against the government.
Speaking on the occasion, Mian Aslam said the rulers were raising power and gas tariffs on daily basis to fill their pockets and destroying the national institutions. He said that despite the discovery of huge gas and coal resources in the country, the people were forced to live without power, gas and petrol. The poor were committing suicides for lack of basic necessities, he added. He stressed the need for early elections, saying the people were in great need of courageous leadership. H alleged corruption was at its peak in all government departments, which should be a source of concern for the rulers of the country who were enjoying lavish lives, but are reluctant to do something for the masses. Aslam said the people wanted to get rid of inflation and favoritism, which was impossible during the tenure of the PPP government. “The rulers of the country only want to take all the benefits by remaining in power. Why are they avoiding early elections?” he asked. He announced the JI would organise a grand public gathering on Sunday (today) in Islamabad to raise voice against the government.

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