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DCC leaves NATO attack response to parliament

The Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) on Saturday took no decision on resumption of NATO supplies, deciding in principle that parliament would take any decision on this vital issue along with the review of terms of engagement with the Unites States. During the meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, the DCC was briefed on the US CENTCOM enquiry report on the attacks on checkposts in Mohmand Agency on November 26, 2011, including a comprehensive analysis by the director general military operations (DGMO). The meeting also elaborated on the country’s position on the report and it was decided that a response would be shared with all concerned shortly. Earlier, in his opening statement, the prime minister said the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was not negotiable and the nation’s strength was its institutions and all endeavours would be undertaken to enhance their effectiveness and capacity. Gilani said it had been a consistent endeavour of the government to safeguard Pakistan’s supreme national interests in a most effective and inclusive manner. Terrorism and the continued strife and conflict in Afghanistan had directly and severely impacted Pakistan, he added. “Thousands of our people, officers and jawans of the armed forces and security personnel fell victim to terrorism and militancy. We have achieved notable success in dealing with the menace of terrorism. We have done so in our national interest,” he said. He said further that the government and parliament and, above all, the people had stood fully behind “our brave armed forces and security personnel” and there was a complete national consensus that terrorism would not be allowed any space on the sacred soil of Pakistan. “Pakistan has also been cooperating with the international community. Our cooperation is based on a ‘partnership’ approach, which entails mutual respect, trust and mutual interest. Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are not negotiable. We would reject any approach that would tend

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