‘Would you want your president tried by a junior magistrate abroad?’ | Pakistan Today

‘Would you want your president tried by a junior magistrate abroad?’

Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa has ruled out any possibility of clash with judiciary or military and has said no martial law would be imposed, adding that the constitutional government would remain in power and no letter would be written to Swiss authorities.
He was talking to reporters after the 9th convocation of the Lahore School of Economics. The governor also said writing a letter to the Swiss government in NRO case was a non issue and the heads of states enjoyed universal immunity under UN convention. He said it was an issue of national integrity if its president was trialled before a third class magistrate abroad. He said prime minister did not need vote of confidence yet as majority of the parliamentarians were with the government.
A total of 809 students were conferred degrees including 600 students of BBA/BS Hons Programme, 180 students of Masters in Business Administration Regular and Executive, 18 students of MS/MPhil Economics and 11 students of MS/MPhil Business Administration. Nine students of different faculties including a Chinese student were awarded gold medals for standing first in their classes while other top 10 percent student from each class, 89 students in total, were awarded silver medals. Governor, while delivering his presidential address in the convocation, praised the institution’s academic excellence and the co-curricular activities being carried out in the campus. Rector Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, while delivering the convocation report, summarised the LSE’s academic activities and programmes. He said the institute encouraged both its faculty and student body to undertake research, which is supported by the specialised Centre for Research in Economics and Business. The institute also placed great stress on extracurricular activities particularly on sports, debates, dramatics, music and art.
In the end, the faculty and the rector congratulated all the graduating students and their parents for their remarkable achievements. He stressed on the fact that LSE’s strength was its students.

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