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Baloch are not traitors: Jamali

Criticising the country’s politicians and the establishment circles for declaring Baloch as traitors deliberately, chief of the Jamali tribe in Balochistan Sardar Yar Muhammad Khan Jamali has emphasised that Baloch leaders are patriotic and loyal Pakistanis. He stated this at a conference titled “We Deserve Crisis or Growth” held at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Thursday. The elder Jamali is an uncle of former prime minister of Pakistan Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali and also the sitting deputy chairman of Senate, Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali. “The Baloch elders are often dubbed traitors but they are not. Politicians and the establishment deliberately declare the Baloch leaders as traitors to achieve their vested interests,” the Jamali chieftain said.
Late Nawab Akbar Bugti, Sardar Ataullah Mengal and Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri had often been dubbed as traitors by the politicians and rulers of the country, largely considered an injustice with the Baloch leaders and the people of Balochistan. Regretting that the resources of Balochistan were not being shared with the people of the province, Jamali said that Pakistan is uselessly engaged in the ‘war on terror’, which is actually the war of the United States (US).
The Jamali elder was of the view that first Pakistan fought for many years with Russia in the Afghan war and now the country is engaged in the US-brokered never-ending ‘war on terror’ that is against the national interests and has shattered the economic and political foundations of the country as well as claiming more than 35,000 precious Pakistani lives.
“The rulers should give top priority to developments in the water sector,” he said. “India is diverting the river waters that enter Pakistan but the policymakers are least interested in developing water channels and large dams.”
Blaming international forces for the destabilisation in Balochistan, the Jamali tribe chief urged the government to improve governance in the province, adding that the US had neglected the importance of Balochistan.
Speaking on the occasion, Balochistan Economic Forum President Sardar Shaukat Popalzai said the law and order situation in Balochistan is very critical and the government should make serious efforts to curb killings and bomb blasts in the ravaged province.
“There is enormous potential for investment and growth in Balochistan that should be exploited through hectic efforts and long-term vision,” he said. “The unexploited treasures of coal, gas, metals and marbles can give billions of dollars in revenue if these natural resources are further explored and developed to meet the growing national requirements.”
The CEO of TradeKey – a leading web-based trade portal – Junaid Mansoor said the use of internet should be expanded to augment economic cycle, trade, skills and livelihoods.
“Exports can be doubled through the increased use of internet in the country,” he claimed. “TradeKey is facilitating 100 Pakistani mobile phone importers to buy Chinese mobile phones online at reduced costs.”
Urging businessmen, exporters, importers and youngsters to explore the potential of trade through internet, Mansoor pointed out that his company was the second largest trade portal in China that is an honour for Pakistan.


  1. Malik farhat Abbas said:

    its true, that the Administration has made a mess of things in Balochistan, and a great deal of positive effort and fast track solution is needed right away in balochistan to revert the current pathetic situation and a feeling of deprivation among the balouch. Its true that the Balouch are not traitors as Jamali sahib has stated. The Balouch are as patriotic as any one else in Pakistan. We must not alienate them, We must stop being USA’s Chaukidars and end the fake ‘ War on Terror’….which in reality is nothing more than ‘War on Islam’… this Government is not sincere in solving the Balochistan problem as it is incapable to fix any one of the problems of Pakistan.

  2. anonymous.. said:

    that's true.. Balochistan has always became a victim of the political policies.. Baloch leaders and people have been accused of every misfortune in the state whether they are at home orh clean handed.. knowing that they are hot-headed and sincere they were used.. robbed by losing their resources.. and not getting by themselves..

  3. Talha said:

    People like the respectable elder Jamali are beacon of hope in the current Balochistan condition. We must support the Balochis who are loyal to Pakistan and stop considering everyone as traitor. May Allah SWT help us in this crisis

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