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Optimistic about growth in Pakistan

This is with regards to the article, ‘In search of business confidence’, published on 07/01/12. Having well agreed with the article, I still feel optimistic about Pakistan even though the country is facing regressive/stagnant growth; the root cause of all the problems is shortage of energy and its high cost provision, because every activity is interconnected with it. Say for example, an increase in the fuel price will inflate everything from Consumer Price Index (CPI) to cost of business. Although, our country has an abundance of natural resources, but our authorities are least concerned for their productive utilisation and are just messed up with making popular decision to gain political mileage. Only the provision of cost effective energy can resolve 90 per cent of the problems. On the brighter side, the law and order situation has improved remarkably and we must applause it in terms of financing SBP, by taking a relaxing monitory policy stance which is a good sign for the business community. One thing is for sure that this country needs a paradigm shift.


Babar Nizami

The writer is Chief Operating Officer, Pakistan Today. He tweets at @bnizami.

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