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Delhi’s rugby club due in city today

The Punjab Rugby Association under the auspices of the Pakistan Rugby Union is hosting The Delhi Lions Rugby Club in Lahore from January 11 to 16.
The tour will comprise two full 15-a-side matches against two of Pakistan’s top super league teams, with the first match being played against the new super league team Punjab Warriors while the second match will see two old rivals Lahore Djuice Rams, Pakistan No 1 ranked Super League Club against the guest Delhi Lions Rugby Club who were recent winners of the All India 7s tournament. This is the third time the two teams will be competing against each other. The first time was when Lahore Rams toured Delhi and won two test matches and 7s tournament. The second encounter was when Delhi Lions toured Lahore to take part in the Lahore 10s Rugby Tournament.
UMT University will host the first of the two test matches on January 12 and DHA L Block Stadium will host the Rugby 7s Tournament on January 14 and final test match on the January 15. The event will also feature a 7-a-side tournament format with total 9 teams taking part including the Delhi Lions. The other teams taking part are Lahore Djuice, Rams, Garrisonions Servis Bulls, UMT Lahore, Lums Lahore, University of Lahore, AIT Rugby Club, Multan rugby Club, Muzzafargurh rugby and DHA Club.

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