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Coalition between giants

There are news of coalition between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. They are uniting against Imran Khan as they claim that Imran Khan is supported by establishment. As establishment doesn’t want to see democracy in this country, we should unite and defeat this evil.

I want to ask some questions from these people. First, where is the proof of establishment’s support to Imran Khan? If there is any, it should be taken to court like the Memogate case and should be prosecuted.

Second, democracy is not threatened by the establishment but you yourself do not want it. If you want democracy, why don’t you implement it in your parties? Moreover, the establishment wants strong democracy because if the politicians are good enough o govern the country, then it could focus on the defence of the country.

Lastly, I want to ask Mr Sharif that a few weeks before he was at the “Go Zardari Go” rallies and now he is forwarding a hand of friendship towards the same person. What is this?

The people of Pakistan will not be deceived by these tactics. They support Imran Khan who is the only hope for Pakistan to put this country on a prosperous road. Mr Sharif and Mr Zardari should also become sincere to their country.



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  1. BSP said:

    Good One – this is what you call dirty Politics of the status quo party's.

  2. pink.dove said:

    plz ask mr sharif in which book he studied the economics,business laws.father started business with a furnace of rs350,sons r largest industrial group in much bank loans have …………….
    imran too is rubbish now,pupit in hands of old baemaans

  3. adam said:

    you have brought up some very good points Irfan. I hope majority of Pakistanis feel the same way and if thats the case then we as a nation should be OK. I cant wait for IK to run our country and I really dont care if he is supported by the army. IK supported by army is 1000000 time better then zaradris and shriefs.

  4. Irfan Khan said:

    Nawaz Shariff is best person to lead this country in a eonomic crisis. The last tenure of his government bought great prosperity to our beutiful nation. Lets hope Pakistan does not get into the hands of foreign influence, and destroy our counrty.

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