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Why Imran Khan?

It comes as a surprise that Imran Khan’s PTI has suddenly become a political force in Pakistan. Some people might just call it establishment’s game, but it doesn’t look as simple. The fame of party among the youth of Pakistan is remarkable. Youth has a big role in giving Imran Khan the weight he has come to posses right now. A marketing strategy suggests that profits can be increased multifolds if you take your business to uncontested markets instead of head-to-head competition with already contending firms within the market. Imran Khan has been at least successful in taking his “product” to the uncontested youth of Pakistan which has been politically ever indifferent.

Is he really able to deliver? Has he got something besides his charisma? Or is the Pakistan youth in a state of denial explained by Freud? The media has to play a big role in this. The corruption and incompetence of the government has been made known to public by long hours of TV talk shows. Youth is more aware of politics now, and they want to participate.

However, they don’t see many options because all the big guns are either crooked or inept. In the midst of this bedlam, the only option they saw was charismatic Imran Khan, the man who won World Cup and made a free cancer hospital. Most people didn’t know anybody besides Imran Khan from PTI even after 15 years. Nevertheless, he is promising the much-awaited change in Pakistan, a political setup and government that will be corruption-free, and might end insecurity. It doesn’t matter if it is Imran Khan fulfilling it or not, but let’s hope that this dream that has inspired the youth throughout the country comes true.




  1. dr hammad..multan said:

    why imran khan … wow it is interesting .. just simple

  2. Dr Mohiuddin Syed said:

    The comments that I feel should reflect the political view and therefore it is necessary for especially those who have vision to foresee the era facing our country in the days ahead, to express their view point in the context of the present and past economic and political scenario. Mr Imran Khan has shown a political will to sustain his position even in the moment of disparity and economic disaster that present the danger of destroying our soviernty. As an Expat I see his struggle with an eye on his economic menifesto rather his charisma and energetic deterrence against the odds the reason being for which is his ability to make visionary Pakiatani aware of his policy pursuit. In addition, would I advise to those who understand the way global economy responds to the boost of trade surplus if observed neccessary to help country’s Fiscal Deficits, nor that they can afford to follow the terrain of ambiguity before investing in further. Due to lack of time and capacity of the space for the comment, I can finally conclude that IK is right for calling others Crooked but certainly lacks credibility of his own when all his speech seems addressing the bar code but not the rebuttals. Thanks…

    Dr. Mohiuddin Syed

  3. Faheem said:

    Q. Why Imran?
    A. Zardari, Galani, Nawaz, Shabaz, Hamza, Bilawal, Aasif, Khala, Chacha, Phupe

  4. king mir said:

    imran is our hope and our future…,,,,, pakistan cant be viable with zardaris and sharifs

    • Salim said:

      Hamza Shahbaz , Bilawal, Aimal wali Son of Asfandar yar wali, brother of Fazal ur rehman are the future leaders of Pakistan. Khandani Siyasat.

  5. Abroo said:

    Why Imran Khan……because he is the only one in the lot who has no need for power money or fame. His sole reason for coming in politics is his love for the country.

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