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Land and property, police top list of most corrupt departments

Land and property and police remained the two most corrupt departments of the country in year 2011, while education and military remained the two least corrupt departments during the said year, the National Corruption Perception Survey 2011 announced by Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) revealed on Wednesday.
The survey, which remained distinguished as the military was included for the first time in it, also rang alarm bells as a massive increase in corruption of income tax, customs, contracting and tendering was reported, ranking at third, sixth and seventh most corrupt departments in 2011, whereas they were eighth, tenth and ninth in the NCPS in year 2010. Another noted feature was a significant increase in corruption of judiciary and courts, which slipped from sixth most corrupt department to fourth most corrupt department in NCPS 2011, which has been conducted this year by Gallup Pakistan. Moreover, corruption in the power sector was visibly reduced as the sector saw a slide from number two in year 2010 to number five in 2011. The report claimed that corruption had reached an unprecedented level in Pakistan and lack of accountability, being witnessed due to delay in punitive action by state organs in corruption cases like Pakistan Steel, NICL, Bank of Punjab, rental power plants, Haj 2010, KESC, PIA, Pakistan Railways and WAPDA were harming the country the most. “Judiciary is being confronted by deliberate defiance of Supreme Court orders and unwilling attitude of prosecution agencies. When 26 of 40 vacancies of judges are vacant in the Sindh High Court, how can efficient justice be provided and delay in punishing corrupt persons by the judiciary is one of the causes of lower ranking of the judiciary,” the report quoted TIP President Sohail Muzaffar as saying.
The report further said a lack of political will to combat corruption could be seen from efforts of the government to avoid transparency in procurements, as rules of public procurement regulatory authority (PPRA) were being made dysfunctional by not appointing a managing director of the body since October 2011. “This year, NCPS 2011 has shown that tendering and contracting, which was the least corrupt in 2010, has jumped four places to become the sixth most corrupt institution,” the report said.
The TIP said tenders for purchase of 150 rail engines from USA and 75 rail engines from China, purchase of all PIA aircrafts, 7,000MW Bonji Dam and 1,100MW Kohala Dam made the list. Syed Adil Gilani, TIP adviser, said in the statement that the Sindh government in June 2011 had issued a notification exempting Sindh Bank from application of Public Procurement Rules 2010. “The TIP filed constitutional petition in Sindh High Court against this notification and on December 15, 2011, the Chief justice in CP 2135 after reading that the Sindh chief secretary has cancelled the exemption notification, disposed of the petition as stating that the purpose of the petition has been achieved,” he added. “Similarly, the federal government also issued a notification in July 2011, with approval of ECC, amending Rule 5 of the PPRA rules 2004. This would amount to exempting contracts based on 39 MOUs signed by president and prime ministers with private parties from complying with public procurement rules 2004 and competitive bidding,” the report added.

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  1. Tass said:

    It is courtesy corruption within Land Revenue that men like Riaz Malik have become the richest person in Pakistan. He could not have done this without support of civil and khaki establishment plus the sitting governments, all of whom supported him and were party to profits.

  2. sajjad said:

    Police department is not self corrupt department it is being used by our politician like toys.corruption is this which distroying our national institutions like PIA, Railway, Steel, defence, etc

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