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Erum Ashfaq’s exhibition a colourful revival of cultural heritage

The solo paintings exhibition of upcoming talented artist Erum Ashfaq titled ‘The Revival of Cultural Heritage’ opened in a colourful inauguration ceremony at the Shakir Ali Museum of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Thursday evening. The show was inaugurated by social and cultural figure of Lahore Mian Yousuf Salahuddin otherwise known as Yousuf ‘Salli’ who was also the chief guest.
Salahuddin highly appreciated the art work of Erum Ashfaq and said that it was an excellent attempt by the artist to project historical heritage in colour on canvas. He wished her success in her art career in future. More than 24 paintings are on display depicting old historical buildings of Moghul era of Lahore and Bhera including Shalimar Garden, Masjid Wazir Khan, Haveli Chuna Mandi, Lahore Fort, jharoka of an abandoned building of Bhera among others.
This was Erum Ashfaq’s second solo show in about one year. She has also participated in some group shows held at different art galleries of the provincial metropolis.
Ashfaq says she hails from a family which has rich academic and artistic background. She is a naturally gifted artist who has no formal art education from anywhere but still her creative work attracts the attention of the viewers within no time and keep them spellbound for some time.
Erum Ashfaq’s interest in architectural heritage of the land has resulted in exploration of an area that has so far been largely ignored by most of the artists. She is putting up an exhibition which aims at the promotion of historical monuments and architectural legacy mostly of the Mughul rulers who had erected such marvelous structures which would keep on inspiring the generations to come. Ashfaq said she has a passion for painting since childhood. “My interest area has always been the historical architectural legacy that we have today,” she said.
“As a continuation to my journey of passion towards painting, this time I have extended my canvas to highlight the most promising city of Bhera that was lost in obscurity. Bhera has a history which dates back to thousands of years, evolved through centuries, had a rich heritage that is known to very few. The Walled City of Lahore that was built and rebuilt during the Moghul era, has its magnificent remnants that captured the artists vision to brought into knowledge of this elegant city of its times. I have reflected the intricate masonry and wooden works within the buildings, jharokas and streets. My aim is to restore on canvas the magnificence of such an enduring asset.”

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  1. M Ashfaq said:

    Her work is appreciable, hopefully she will contribute more in this field. Her approach about colourscheme is very concrete.

  2. idrees abbasi said:

    Good work.she has an old history of creativity since decades.I am ready to help her to explore more historical buildings and places in south Punjab,under my jurisdiction.

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