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Enabling DIAlogue between mind and body

If you thought that translation of poetry into artwork is limited to calligraphy, and that too by selected male artists, it is an appropriate time to visit ArtChowk-the Gallery to see Simeen Farhat’s ‘Inflexion’, an exhibition of her sculptures and installations. The artist has chosen the rubaiyat and poetry of versatile poets – like Rumi, Khayyam, Ghalib, Faiz and Fitzgerald to name a few – to mould into 10 visually appealing installation figures. The art pieces range from small, wall-mounted ‘Speech Bubbles’ to the much elaborate, pigmented hanging ‘Incensed’.
Talking about her work, Farhat, who has taught art on a senior level as well, said her three-dimensional art asks questions from its viewers about mind, soul, purity and feminism, and challenges perceived notions of her audience.
To support her philosophy of finding logic and freedom of speech, especially for women, Farhat has selected text that is thought-provoking and provides a flowing pattern to the created pieces.
“The ethereal pieces enable a dialogue with the viewer, or between mind and body”, simplifying the task of the artist who wishes to present a visual commentary on the world around us. Besides the importance of the layered text in the exhibited work, the shadows created by Farhat add to the visual aura of ‘Inflexion’. Using resin and wood that have formed smooth and fragile installations, Farhat has touched upon bold topics, like norms, challenging ideas and dooming peace, skilfully using play of words alongside. The exhibition continues until January 3.

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