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Denise urges fans to give up plastic bottles

Actress Denise Richards is urging fans to “go green”. She has asked her fans to give up plastic bottles in 2012. “It’s a great time to start thinking about those resolutions. But instead of just sticking to the usual goals of dropping a few pounds or hitting the gym, why not take one simple step that will help the environment, the health of your family and your pocketbook all at once?
I recently made the commitment to get rid of bottled water in my home for all of those reasons,” Richards posted on her official blog.
“Every year, about 1.5 million tons of plastic goes into manufacturing water bottles, and most of those bottles just end up in landfills. But even if you recycle, there are lots of other reasons to stay away from plastic bottles,” posted. “One is the price! Also, many studies show it’s not healthy drinking out of plastic bottles. Harmful chemicals in the plastic like bisphenol A (or Bpa) can leach into the water and make you sick.
It’s much safer to drink out of glasses, aluminium bottles, or reusable Bpa-free water bottles… Will you give it a try?,” she wrote.

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