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Putin ‘still has majority support’ in Russia

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin still has the support of the majority in Russia, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sunday after the biggest opposition protest yet against his domination of the country.
“As a politician and a presidential candidate, Putin still has the support of a majority. And we should treat the opinion of a majority with respect,” said Peskov after tens of thousands packed an avenue in Moscow on Saturday in a mass opposition protest.
He added that Putin was “beyond competition” as a candidate in March 2012 presidential polls, where the Russian strongman plans to stand for a third Kremlin term after his four-year stint as prime minister.
“It is obvious that Putin is still a member of the presidential race beyond competition,” said Peskov. He acknowledged that the protest had taken place and said the demonstrators’ position was to be treated with respect.
“Indeed, a protest took place. It was a peaceful protest in accordance with law which causes respect.”
“As far as their demands are concerned, their opinion is being heard and their opinion is being respected. Those people who came out onto the streets – they are a very important part of society. But they are a minority.”
Organisers said 120,000 people attended the rally in central Moscow Saturday, while police put the numbers at 29,000 but eyewitnesses said the turnout was clearly bigger and more anti-Putin in tone than the first rally two weeks ago which smashed the taboo in Russia against mass opposition protests.

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