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NATO attack probe: US forces acted in “self-defence”

An American investigator of the last month NATO attack on Pakistani border posts which killed 24 soldiers has found that the US forces ‘acted in self defense and with appropriate force after being fired upon’.
“The investigating officer found that U.S. forces, given what information they had available to them at the time, acted in self defense and with appropriate force after being fired upon,” a US Department of Defence statement said on Thursday.
The investigator also found that there was no intentional effort to target persons or places known to be part of the Pakistani military, or to deliberately provide inaccurate location information to Pakistani officials.
“Nevertheless, inadequate coordination by U.S. and Pakistani military officers operating through the border coordination center — including our reliance on incorrect mapping information shared with the Pakistani liaison officer — resulted in a misunderstanding about the true location of Pakistani military units”.
“This, coupled with other gaps in information about the activities and placement of units from both sides, contributed to the tragic result,” the investigator said in his report.
A statement said that the findings and conclusions were forwarded to the Department through the chain of command and the results have also been shared with the Pakistani and Afghan governments, as well as key NATO leadership.
“For the loss of life — and for the lack of proper coordination between US and Pakistani forces that contributed to those losses — we express our deepest regret,” the statement said.
The US further expressed sincere condolences to the Pakistani people, to the Pakistani government, and most importantly to the families of the Pakistani soldiers who were killed or wounded.
The statement said that US will learn from these mistakes and take whatever corrective measures are required to ensure an incident like this is not repeated.
“The chain of command will consider any issues of accountability. More critically, we must work to improve the level of trust between our two countries”.
The statement said that the US cannot operate effectively on the border — or in other parts of the bilateral relationship — without addressing the fundamental trust still lacking between Pakistan and US.
“We earnestly hope the Pakistani military will join us in bridging that gap,” the statement said.

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  1. Saud Butt said:

    Ya… self defence our soldiers are terrorist…. ur right Mr. NATO self defence ur our master as u say so we have to obey… ur right….thanks for ur statement at least it will be a big releif for our politicians and ya one message to our bloody cheif of army staff dat…. r u a man? i do not think so as our army soldiers life's r not for sale… FU

  2. Khalid Afridi said:

    lolzz Huzaifa Khan myra matlab ta k Pakistani establishment chahy ya na chahy phr ub NATO Supplies dobara Open nahi kr sakhy gi :)).. na hi in ko NATO/ISAF ny bhagny ka rasta mohiya keya hy or na hi Aawam un ko koy rasta mohiya krhy gi.. now they will have to defend their motherland whether they like it or not..

  3. Manzar Ul Haque said:

    this is a joke!!!!!!!!!or total disregard & disrespect of Pakistan's role in combating terrorism in the lawless FATA & border areas with Afghanistan

  4. Farhan said:

    I hope inadequate coordination on the pakistani border results in bringing down american choppers and some 100 american soldiers. simple, no bodys fault……..

    • Anon said:

      If they could, they would. American chopper and soldiers have been a fair game for Pakistani strategic forces almost since the beginning of the war…

    • Anon said:

      If you are a Pakistani or an American, why not place this request with your own government. They have it.

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