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Pressure from all sides on Veena, says manager

As her manager and colleagues from Bollywood were worried about her sudden disappearance, Veena Malik was enjoying the cosy comforts of a plush hotel in Mumbai. Speculations were rife that the Pakistani starlet had left for her home country to renew her visa that was about to expire soon.
Apparently, the lady wanted to relax post a tiresome shooting schedule of her upcoming flick. Addressing the media, Veena’s manager Pratik Mehta said, “Veena never left the country as she was busy shooting for (her debut movie) ‘Zindagi 50-50’. It was just that on 16th of this month she got to know that she is getting some time off from the shoot, so she planned to spend some quality time with herself.”
However, he did admit that he was equally worried about Veena’s whereabouts as her phone was out of reach and untraceable. “She changed her hotel to Oakwood and also kept her mobile phone off during the entire period so I was not able to contact her. She was going through such a tough time after all those controversies (related to her nude photo shoot FHM magazine) that she thought of rejuvenating herself,” he said.
Mehta also clarified that Veena did not intend to create publicity for her upcoming TV reality show by her “disappearing” act. “This was not at all a publicity stunt as many are saying. People can’t even imagine her situation. She is pressurised from everywhere – from her family, the Pakistani government and the moral police.
This is why she thought of keeping herself under wraps for some time,” he said. Reportedly, the actress called for a doctor for a check up and took heavy doses of antibiotics before dosing off!

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