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Haqqani highlights Ijaz’s statements

Former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani on Monday said the Supreme Court had missed some points while considering Mansoor Ijaz’s statement. He said the SC had failed to consider that Mansoor maintained “relations with military and intelligence services in more than two dozen countries”.
Haqqani said Mansoor has also said that he “interacted extensively with Gen Ehsanul Haq in 2003-2004” and that Mansoor had also stated he “did not meet Haqqani during this period. Only contact was electronic or by phone.” Another point was that Mansoor said efforts were “being made to change the data that I have presented. Haqqani said Mansoor had also admitted that his “last meeting with Husain Haqqani was in 2009 at a Charity event in New York”.

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