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The Kashmir concern

This disputed territory of Kashmir is under constant dispute, and there seems to be no solution for this problem. Even though the liberals all support the notion of a mutual relationship between both countries, this issue remains unsolved.

The Kashmir issue also helps the countries to justify their expenditure on defence. It also gives the government of each country an opportunity to show their goodness. The main responsibility lies with the government, the army, the international arbitrators, and the Kashmiri people and political parties. This, however, can be amended now as civil society can also play a great part in resolving this issue. It can amend the stories that each side has regarding the Kashmir issue and pay more attention to the actual history and the experiences of the people.

In today’s globalised world it is highly possible for the people to develop conflicting views but the civil society can change this by formulating an independent media which would enable the foreign policy of each country to get a new face. Moreover, the Kashmiri people can be asked to voice their views on blogs, tweets and other mediums. This would help the actual experiences of the people side by side.

Thus the civil society can help in portraying this issue as being a trilateral one. This means that an effective solution to this issue can only be reached if the three parties adopt a strategy of talking to each other and not talk against each other.



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  1. Sarah Kazi said:

    A very well written letter, though i think whatever you propose, the government is too arrogant to pay heed to it

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