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Veena serves FHM Rs 100m notice

Veena Malik has filed a lawsuit of Rs. 100,000,000 (Indian currency) against “For Him Magazine” (FHM) for publishing nude photos of the actress. A legal notice was delivered to FHM chief editor Kabeer Sharma and photographer Vishal Saxena. It was claimed in the notice that “our client was assured that no nude photograph in any manner would be shot by you.” The notice stated that Veena’s photos had been morphed. According to the notice, Veena had agreed to be shot in “shorts and tee shirt and boots; wearing a fur coat up to thighs and boots; hot pants and a broad big belt with the upper portion of her body covered with her hands and an ISI tattoo on her hand; an image with a tattoo of “ISI” appearing on one hand, in which Malik would wear a bikini and/or a thong posing with folded hands with the upper portion of her body covered with other tattoos.” The notice called on FHM to ensure the magazine issue would not go into print, remove the tampered photos from the FHM website and pay millions in damages. Monitoring Desk

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  1. Goga said:

    Ye to sirf Mohammad Asif hi bata sakta hay kay. Bribe him, to win the case- for either party.

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