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The Pakistani WMD

As the back-and-forth between actress Veena Malik and FHM India over the nude cover continued into its second day on Saturday, people on social media networks Facebook and Twitter began to clamour for Veena Malik to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) as “she had declared her assets”.
Meanwhile, Veena’s father called for a ban on the actress for transgressing her limits while Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the government would investigate the matter. While Veena has denied posing nude and threatened to sue the magazine, FHM India editor Kabeer Sharma insists that he has a video and an email from the actress that prove the authenticity of the photo. Meanwhile, the magazine’s website on Saturday changed the cover of the December edition though it still featured her in a different pose. This time, the “Pakistani WMD’’ — as the magazine chose to call her — is caught in the act of pulling the pin out of a grenade with an ISI tattoo on her arm. Reacting to the controversy, Rehman Malik told reporters, “If she has done so, she did wrong. But, such pictures are tampered many times and we will look into this issue.” Humour and anger spread on the webosphere, with a number of jokes and photographs focusing on how Veena had ‘shown’ her assets as per PTI doctrine went viral. Commenting on the latest FHM cover, one tweeter said “Veena Malik would make a terrible ISI agent considering how much she reveals,” while another wondered if cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s PTI would invite her to the party fold now that she had “revealed all her assets”.
However, Veena also received her share of detractors. On a Facebook page floated to hate all things Indian, the administrator posted: “Shameless Veena Malik poses naked for men’s magazine FHM (India). Notice the ISI tattoo on her arm. This gesture from eastern neighbour speaks of their frustration and hatred towards the ISI. Veena Malik shame on you”. Over 80 comments followed requesting members of the page to ask Pakistan’s Supreme Court to cancel Veena’s nationality and to make sure that she does not live in the country again.
Zubair Khan, a 40-year-old shopkeeper in Peshawar, agreed, saying the photo had given rival India another opportunity to insult Pakistan.”She has earned a bad name for the entire Pakistan nation,” he said. Another Facebook user posted a photoshoped picture of Veena fully clad in a burqa and a veil and labelled it, “This would be the REAL conspiracy against her”. Actress Meera, Veena’s bete noire, called her a “completely mad woman”. Feminist commentators, while supporting Veena’s decision to pose nude, wondered if it also amounted to real empowerment. “Why ‘empowerment’ and a ‘free life’ mean no clothes?” tweeted Ayesha Malik. Some others explained why Veena was in denial. “After all, she probably fears being stripped of her Pakistan citizenship,” wrote blogger Cafe Pyala.

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  1. LandOfPure said:

    she is hot ! What's wrong with you beados? Most of you are jacking of on her beauty!

  2. saleem said:

    We are ashamed to have such Pakistani who claims to be Muslim. Her father rightly dissociated with her.

  3. san said:

    these days people lead perverated life in the name of modernity and freedom, Woman’s beauty lies in her modesty.It is better to be ugly than be in veena shoes

  4. Saud Butt said:

    oUR Dr. Rehman Malik should make a appointment at night say 12:30 and by his self ask is that true alone in her room… than we all can know the real truth… hahahahah…

  5. Akhtar Mahsood said:

    people on social media networks Facebook and Twitter began to clamour for Veena Malik to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) as “she had declared her assets”. HA HA HA HA

  6. Imad Khan said:

    tell her father to relax he should’ve stopped her way before as she trangressed her limits quiet a well ago, now Daddy pipe down and relax… to be honest i think the pictures are fake…

  7. wahab khalid said:

    well done! … Dont you ever come to Pakistan now , as there will be so many pathans waiting for you over here ,….

  8. Jayan said:

    Veena Malik is always welcome in India. We dont care whether she is declaring her assets or not. She is very bold and sticks to her views of women.

  9. Sam said:

    Veena has already admitted that she'd done bold photoshoot for magazine along-with ISI tattoo on her arm. Nude or not, either-ways she did a shameful act for religion and nation, both.
    Shame on you Veena! You will get punished for this, either in this world or beyond!!

  10. Saad said:

    "Real Shame" but not for her…Amalgamated & consolidated bitch had striped down in the land of great Dissemblers which they say Gay Hind (India)…She will have to face the Consequences of her act and punishment for this extreme transgression of Religion & culture.

  11. sundaram said:

    Get a life guys. The woman is pretty and she is proud of it. How many among you can honestly say that you didn't stare at the photo longer than usual? Good God what a bunch of —-

  12. Saad said:

    Real shame but not for her. Amalgamated bitch had striped down in the land of great Dissemblers. She will have to face the Consequences of her act & punishment for this extreme transgression of our Religion & culture

  13. Sam said:

    World is full of pretty women but here point of discussion is different and above your understanding level.
    She has done this act sitting in a country who is rival of her native nation and also highlighted name of intelligence agency of Pakistan in this dirty act.
    Secondly, the religion in which she beleives, do not allows such act in any way.
    She is under concern of millions of peoples accross both countries.

    This sounds joke to you! Grow-up and then tell us to get a life…

    • sundaram said:

      My apologies – I forgot that she is sitting a country where being a woman, she is just a property and has no freedom.

      • Sam said:

        Nothing personal, for us freedom doesn’t means to take off your clothes and go in public.
        We should respect each others religion and social norms. I’ve no issues in what you believe and practice. Here, this matter belongs to our country so we’ve the right to react in accordance with our religious and social norms. I request all to give us freedom to protest against this shameful act as it is in our eyes.

    • from Orissa India said:


      When a model posing nude for a magazine is labeled as a national ""shame, it only shows a lack of maturity of the nation's people.

      Exactly like Sundaram said, you need to grow up.

  14. @ScallywagNYC said:

    Time will tell if Pakistan has the will to indict Ms Malik for choosing to portray herself nude, but then again one has to understand as an actress it is her job as much as her faith is the job of certain clerics who now have to decide if its best to allow one woman to have her way rather that provoke an entire nation of women and future instances of going against what some are beginning to concede as irrelevant and malevolent attitudes towards women. Meanwhile perhaps those in power in Pakistan can begin to concentrate on the rampant strife and dichotomies that inflicts it everyday, never mind the sight of a purported naked women in a magazine.

  15. tufail said:

    she may be shot to dead…….she is muslim,pakistani….notat all.

  16. LandOfPure said:

    Veena is hot!!! DGI Pasha is probaly jacking off on the photo!!!

  17. Zubin said:

    Veena! U r a superheroine for sticking ISI in the _________________. 🙂

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