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People rap Veena over nude photo

People in the federal capital reacted strongly against the alleged nude photo shoot of famous actress Veena Malik published in an Indian magazine ‘For Him Magazine’ (FHM), saying though, it was an individual act but inscribing the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) tattoo on her arm was an unpardonable deed to defame the country’s powerful intelligence agency.
Veena is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. After earning the irk of the Pakistani clerics by participating in India’s TV show Big Boss last year, her alleged nude photo shoot for the cover page of FHM’s December issue has hit the headlines. The versatile 33-year-old actress and model is at the centre of the controversy surrounding her naked shoot, featuring a number of photographs in which Veena wears nothing but the letters “ISI” are painted on her arm.
Many here in federal capital anticipate a backlash, as nationalists and Islamists regularly stage rallies against anything they deem an insult to Islam or to the national honour. “Veena has broken Pakistani religious and national taboos in the past. She is a target for conservative ire and a heroine to some Pakistani liberals. But her ‘latest venture’ into controversy is a ‘shame for all Muslims’ as the actress had proven herself as shame to the Pakistani women,” people commented while talking to Pakistan Today. The cover of the magazine’s December issue, posted on FHM’s website, features Malik along with the caption: “Pakistani WMD Veena Malik on Asif, burqas and work visas.”
The liberal lot is saluting her for the courage in doing what she wanted and others are discussing the issue with sarcasm. Commenting on the latest FHM cover, one tweeter said, “Veena Malik would make a terrible ISI agent considering how much she reveals” while another wondered if cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would invite her to the party fold now that she had ‘revealed all her assets’.
A resident of I-10/2, Khurram Shaheen, said Veena was accused of disrespecting Pakistan, Islam and patriotism by appearing nude, adding that the word ISI on her arm showed the actress’s irresponsible behaviour. However, he said Veena was not an official representative of Pakistan and that she was in India to boost her career, but the reaction of ISI would be severe when the actress returned back to the country as her visa was to be expired in March 2012.
Another citizen Riz Aly Shah said, “I am very surprised to see some people are also supporting Veena’s cover. Of course, anyone can think anything and all I say is that go nude and do whatever you like, but when you are in another country as a Pakistani, please respect the name and culture of your country and don’t make a joke of it.” He said, “Even if all of us are liberals, it doesn’t mean we all go nude. “Please don’t forget we are Pakistanis and not a nude society or colony members. There’s something called respect! For oneself and from where one belongs to! That’s my opinion.”
S Rubab Ali Khan said it’s a shameful and degusting act by Veena but what could one expect from someone like her. “She’s really trashy. And the government should confiscate her passport once she arrives back.” Aamir Hussain commented, “The respect of a country is not in the hands of an individual, lets not see what others are doing and we should concentrate what we are doing or have done for the image of the country. We are developing and progressing because of our hard work and not because of Veena Malik.”
Mahvash Ikram, a female, said, “‘Enjoy my pictures’ is exactly what Veena wanted. And for those who know no better, to fall in her trap and encourage her behaviour is what exactly she wanted to get out of this photo shoot.”
Amina Chaudhry, while condemning the photo shoot, said, “Shame on Veena for doing such a thing, but I say shame on every woman who takes off her clothes to make a buck or two, whether she’s American, Indian or Pakistani. But let’s focus on her being a Pakistani for a second and this is what I see – I see she’s mirroring the Pakistani youth.
A youth who would do anything to Westernise themselves. Our Pakistani media and fashion industry – nothing is original or cultured about it anymore.”
But she also questioned, “Is Veena going nude really an issue?”

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  1. Rubina said:

    Bilal Mustafa says "There's more than one way of getting attention"

    • shani said:

      rubina g hello nice comment karna asan hai mager face karna bohat muskil hum galti kar k apne ap ko face nai kar patay jab tak koi nateja samne nai a jata hum kesi ko judge nai kar saktay ye khuda ka kam hai hum apne sath insaf kar le ye he bohat hai thanks

  2. H M Nawaz saleem said:

    it is a shameful act i think the government of Pakistan should have to restriction on veen malik

  3. Nagato Awaiz said:

    You showing up in a magazine for a semi-nude photo brings shame to the nation. It’s not the training camps full of terrorists, suicide bombers, harboring of Osama Bin-Laden, numerous stonings, rapes, beheadings, forced marriages, that brings shame, but a skimpy picture making a political statement that brings great

  4. amberpari said:

    laanat hay tum pe veena malik allah tumhe boht buri mot day aameen

  5. Faizan said:

    Pore Pakistan ke lakh Lanat ho. Begarat ha veena malik. veena malik not a muslim girl. we demand k veena malik na jo harkat ke ha Pakistan or ISI k khelaf us kamine ko Pakistan main entry nhi deni chaye Govt ko.

    • shani said:

      dear faizan sahib jab tak conform nai ho jata ap kesi par ungli mat utao g with respect to u dear

  6. shani said:

    is par tu sub ne comment kar deya aur wo khud jo jesam faroshi k dhans dekhtay hai live un ko kon pochey ga positive kun nai sochtay k shaid bilkay yaqeenan ye soft wear se bi tu ho sakta hai ye humary pakistni awam hai jahn lagao lag jati hai apne mind se kuch nai sochtay sham un sub par jo hamesha ulta he sochtay hai apne ap ko badlo pakistani awam g

  7. Mahajan said:

    All this hulaballoo is for nothing. She is an actress and don't forget and she is very liberal minded. She will be most welcome to stay in India, which has a capacity to absorb all shades of opinion. In fact she can be a very big asset in India, in liberating women in backward areas. I salute Veena. Please give her space!

  8. Mahajan said:

    And .I forgot to say. The ISI should take time out and have a laugh and relax! It hasn't made one iota of difference to their programmes. It is good to have a sense of humour, after all they are human beings like the rest of us!

  9. goga said:

    Pehle Cheater Mohammad Asif ko call ker k verify karwalo ke photo asli hay ya nakli 😉

  10. rk USA said:

    jesus…she is posing for mens mag..not for qoran else is she supposed to pose…and for a colony that allows stoning, honor killings, limited edu for women, incest with daughters and sisters…you paki mullahs are really funny…

    • HINA DANIYAL said:

      Ho sakta hai k ye tsveer fake ho but jo harktain us ny big boss main ki hain or jesi us ki nature hai us say to yehi sabat hota hai k wo kuch b kar skti hai sharam ani chahiy usko marn bhool gai hai lgta wo but ezat to wo already gnwa chuki hai to ab kya sharm aye gi usk Allah hi naik hadayat dy aysy logoon ko. .

  11. faisal said:

    Road ki ghalazat rupees per biknay wali lofer and heera mandi ki born

  12. fahim said:

    lolz Wanna be lady gaga of pakistan. but she does not know what she is playing with fire and should know the result of it. she can get the boost of career by other means too. one thing is sure this will get her indian visa or assylem in UK. she can say her life is under threat

  13. Shaukat Ali said:

    No doubt; she is a very bad citizen, very bad daughter, very bad sister and will never be faithful to her husband. Shame to her; let her go to hell which is her distination.

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