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Bonn conference not to produce any magic: Musharraf

Chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) and former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has said that the Bonn Conference will not produce any magical results that could solve the Afghanistan issue.
Expressing his views in a television interview he said that no one knows who is leading the Taliban and who holds sway over them.
“Who is the real commander of Taliban? This is an important question. Mullah Umer or Gulbadin Hikmatyar or Haqqani? So who should be talked to? Then there are several other groups in Pakistan. So it is not an easy process,” he said.
On the issue of the recent NATO attack on the Pakistani check post in Mohmand Agency, he said that, “Pakistan should take action but avoid military confrontation while getting guarantees from the United States and NATO forces.”
In reply to another question Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistan has the right to possess nuclear technology as the country has serious security issues, especially from the eastern borders and the neighbour has not accepted our freedom and sovereignty completely. “We tested the nuclear device and over the years we have safeguarded our nuclear program under several layers of security and no one can attack and destroy these assets.”
He said that there is an impression in the United States about the Pakistan Army not taking any action against the Haqqani network. “I tell the Americans that when you leave Afghanistan in 2014, then what will happen in Afghanistan? If Haqqani network is in Pakistan, then half the responsibility lies with you [United States]. If you want to destroy them, then do it in Afghanistan. Pakistan is not responsible for everything.”

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  1. mian toufiq said:

    sorry mate your statements are immaterial ,now only i can wish if you could have made this statement when you governing thing would have been a little better .

  2. haris said:

    Mian sahib he has been saying for so long ……infact he has been there for so long to safeguard these assets and there was no boots on ground against Pakistani forces during his tenure

    • mian toufiq said:

      that was a part of deal, thing were going to get dirtier sooner or later even he knew it but again he refuse to say no to things which must and certainly should have been stopped.i never said he wasn't patriot but for surly he was a bad general.

  3. kamran said:

    jo v hai yeh banda goray se one to one baat karta hai… TC nai karta

  4. Anon said:

    “I tell the Americans that when you leave Afghanistan in 2014, … If Haqqani network is in Pakistan, then …". You don't tell Americans. They will do what they have to do.

    • Anon said:

      And why did you choose UK to reside in? I bet your other generals (with their family) would do the same when they find it inconvenient for them in Pakistan. Not every other Pakistani enjoys the same luxury. They don't have your bank account or sweet connections (earned during your power years). They have to spent their life in the mess you guys leave behind.

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