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PR to dualize railway tracks

Pakistan Railway (PR) has decided to dualize railway tracks all over the country.
According to sources, work on the first phase of the project and upgradation of infrastructure was underway. Work for the dualization of 246 kilometer railway track from Khanewal to Raiwind and the 127 kilometer railway track from Sahiwal to Raiwind in in progress, while the dualization process of the railway track from Khanewal to Sahiwal has been completed.
Moreover, work for dualizing the 126 kilometer track from Shahdra to Lalamusa and 152 kilometers from Lalamusa to Chaklala will start later.
It will take 3 years to complete the work on railway track from Shahdar to Lalamusa.

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  1. Omer K. Feroze said:

    One piece of good news coming out of PR that they are expanding the aged infrastructure. If Pakistan is to enjoy the benefits of trade transit through its territory, then we need more rail tracks so that goods can move via the railways as its much cheaper then road transport. Main port have to be linked as well for the faster freight traffic. This will also reduce damage to road networks.

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