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Karzai to discuss NATO strike, Bonn Conference with Zardari

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai will soon speak to President Asif Ali Zardari to discuss the recent NATO strikes and the suspicion that Pakistan may stay away from the coming Bonn conference on Afghanistan, Afghan embassy sources told Online on Monday.
Pakistan lodged protest with Afghanistan on Sunday over the use of its territory by NATO forces to attack Pakistani territory. The Foreign Ministry has asked the US-backed Karzai government to ensure that NATO does not use Afghan soil for attacks in the future.
The deadly attack which killed 24 soldiers in Mohmand agency Friday night has also created doubts over Islamabad’s participation in the Bonn conference on December 5. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said Monday Pakistan has not yet made decision of boycotting the conference.
Afghan diplomatic sources said that President Karzai would express condolences over the death of Pakistani soldiers and will insist on Pakistan’s participation in the Bonn moot as Pakistan’s role in Afghan stability assumes key role.
Also in Kabul, the deputy spokesman for President Karzai said that the participation of Pakistan in the Bonn Conference is of special importance for the government of Afghanistan.
Deputy presidential spokesman, Hamed Elmi, said President Karzai is due to talk to his Pakistani counterpart on this issue, and would request him to attend the Bonn Conference. He said it is very difficult for the peace process to succeed without the role and cooperation of Pakistan.
He said the Afghan government will jointly cooperate with NATO in investigating the military alliance’s attack on the tribal areas of Mohmand Agency.

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  1. Moeen Salahuddin said:

    It will be very sad if the government decides to boycott the conference. The Attack on our army post may be a trick to stop us from proceeding on the road to building regional cooperation. The US and the British have always tried to keep us fighting with each other. It is not a question of Zardari and Karzai but Afghanistan and Pakistan and the people of these countries. These two wil

  2. Moeen Salahuddin said:

    Zardari and Karzai will Be dead in a few years but the countries and the people will be there forever and peace must be made permanent between our two people.

  3. saleem said:

    come what may Pakistan should not attend Bonn conference. enough is enough.

  4. Dar said:

    Boycott the Bonn conference. Let those big shots and their poodles sit there and solve their own self created messes. Pakistan has put up with Afghanistan and its problems long enough.
    There is no need to send anyone on a vacation to Germany. The Pakistani Ambassador to Berlin can send a secretary to take notes if necessary. Show some self respect and stay away.
    As for Karzai, when he talks who listens? He is a nothing. A nobody in reality. He does what America and India tell him.

  5. pakone said:

    Yea what happened to your promise to stand by Pakistan if its attacked you back stabber! Get lost and may your piece of stone age "country" go to hell which it already has you neanderthals! And Pak should kick out every afghan refugee on its soil – ungrateful pricks!

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