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Pakistan condemns NATO strike, which killed 25 soldiers

Pakistan on Saturday condemned overnight air strikes by NATO helicopters on the country’s border posts which killed nearly 25 security personnel.
NATO helicopters struck three ports in Pakistan’s Mohmand tribal region, bordering Afghanistan, late Friday night and killed 25 soldiers and injured 15 others, sources as said.
Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said that Pakistan was considering blocking the supplies to NATO forces in neighbouring Afghanistan after the incident while local media has reported that Pakistani authorities have already suspended supplies.
The spokesperson was quoted by local TV channels as describing the NATO strikes as ‘attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty’.
She confirmed that Pakistan has formally lodged protest with the US State Department in Washington. Local TV channels reported that Pakistani diplomats in Washington conveyed a formal protest to the US officials and demanded immediate inquiry.
The spokesperson said Pakistan has also started its own investigations and is collecting details of the incident, which has sparked widespread condemnation in the country.
“We will review several options after investigations are completed,” she said. “Suspension of NATO supplies could be one of the options,” she added.
Barrister Masood Kausar, Governor of north-western Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, who is also in-charge of tribal affairs, condemned the NATO strike and said Pakistan will raise the issue at different forums.
In a statement, he warned that Pakistan could take counter action if NATO continued carrying out attacks on Pakistani posts.
Sources said that NATO helicopters entered Pakistani airspace in Mohmand tribal region from Afghanistan and fired at least three border posts, killing 25 soldiers and injuring 15 others. All posts were also destroyed.
The strike was widely condemned by Pakistani political leaders and called for halt to NATO supplies.
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the strike, termed it as open terrorism and called for an immediate inquiry into the incident.

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  1. khan said:

    stop begging then they wont dare to attack you, look at the north korea…smaller army than pakistan and usa cant do anything wth them, you have many times larger army but you are begging from usa.

    • hassan said:

      u are the one of those too who are begging for aid……u dnt even knw the military stretugy of us against pakistan….next inshallah uif this happens we will knock down the choppers or jets…we are capable of doing …so dnt blame whole nation for this

      • rkfromUSA said:

        where is this military might???no one except you have seen it?? where is it when you are being abused by NATO and USA on a daily basis..???is your military might hidden inside your begging bowl ????hahahah

  2. khan said:

    corruption and unqualified politicians,condeming is not enough,strike back their jets to give them pain.

  3. khan said:

    you can not protect our boundries from usa why the hell you eat 90% country budget?

    • Pakistani said:

      My dear stand with those who laid their lives just to make certain that many khans like you should sail with your families and comment on blog with such audacity. I salute my saviours and i am sure the nation joins me. Please reconcile ur ideas.

  4. dhot1_wala said:

    This attacked is intentional and can not be called accidental.

    1 Brave Pakistani solider = 25 American chickens

  5. Vasi Jamal said:

    LOL/Shame @ our impotent “leadership” (and I’m not just addressing the civilians ;))!! Logically speaking, and according to mere common sense…STOP the freakin’ corruption (which exists in different forms in the entire establishment), STOP the freakin’ begging (i.e. asking Americans for dollars for vested interests!!) and eradicate the foreign “agents” in freakin’ different shapes & sizes (in the establishment, both the civil & military) !!

  6. david said:

    a hugely embarrassing and sad saga….
    damn you…!
    stop wearing your medals, why cover half your chest with colorful crap if it isnt worth the bit of cloth it is made of.

  7. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    This is a rubbish and open terarist and naked and unprovoked attacked on our motherland.This is the reward for our sincere attachment to American Imperiolism.Our countrymen open your eyes,the fully confidence on American friendship is a continous lessons of CHEATING PAKISTAN.BE UNITED AGAISNT THIS SO-CALLED CLAIMER OF SO-CALLED DEMOCRACY.ONCE AGAIN WE CONDEMN THIS BARBALISM AND COWARDNESS ACT..OPEN YOUR HEARTS ALSO AMERICA IS NOT A SINCERE FRIEND.ONLY CHINA IS A FAITHFUL PARTNER IN THE WORLD.CHINE COME FORWARD AND HELP PAKISTAN.BUT SHOULD ASK FOR HELP ALLAH WHO DOES NOT CHEAT.

  8. GetReal said:

    The overpaid and corrupt fat generals have no ghairat or shame. The USA came and took OBL away from your bosom while you were napping. They drone us and kill us at will. Even, they kill our brave lower ranked soldiers at sarhad and all you do is block NATO supply ,which you will allow to continue anyways as soon as awam's anger has cooled down.
    What are those billions of $$$ of "state-of-the-art-better than F16" chinese JF-17 for? Kick backs to khakis family from china?
    Lets cut the defense budget in half and spend the money on betterment of the awaam.

  9. From UK said:

    Damn the paki Puppets leaders – Its time for the Pakistan army removed there bangles and showed there metal and that they are men who fight for Allah and not to stop this war untill we sit in Kabul or further….. enough is enough.

    But I don't have any hope from these khusra's.

  10. rkfromUSA said:

    first of all there is no difference between paki soldiers and terrorists..they are same…so just shut up about nato and put forward your begging bowls…and this by the way is done by USA leading NATO from behind like in libya…so watch out pakis….!!!!!!!!!!!

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