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Double jeopardy

The feudal system has been prevalent in the rural areas of Pakistan since long and despite the repeated attempts of many governments has not been dismantled. While the patron-client relationship that it is based on may be fruitful to some people, for most it is exploitative in nature and has made sure that people in the lower strata if society in the rural society have little or no chances of upward mobility.

The impoverished people in the rural areas are often in double jeopardy because not only are they at the mercy of feudal lords but also of government machinery such as patwaris, police officers etc. They have no other option but to seek the patronage of feudal lords. The fact that these people are in this exploitative situation is not because they are ‘irrational’ or unwilling to help themselves but because they often have no other option. These age-old relations that have entrenched themselves must be dealt with.



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