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‘Saleem Shahzad murder to remain a mystery’

South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) General Secretary Imtiaz Alam, while talking about the developments made in Saleem Shahzad murder case, on Wednesday feared that although a judicial commission was probing into the killing, but the results would never be positive.
“Sorry to say, as per my judgment, there would be no outcome in Shahzad murder case.”
He was speaking at a conference ‘Attacks on Journalists and Media Freedom’ held at National Press Club, South Asian Free Media Association.
During the event, media persons urged the government to allocate special funds in next budget for the press clubs for building of working journalists.
In his address, Imtiaz Alam demanded the government to allocate resources for providing special professional training to journalists.
His demand was unanimously endorsed by a number of representatives of various press clubs, who came at NPC to attend the function.
Imtiaz also asked the government to work seriously on the law related to the right to information. “The legislation is lying pending for years, which is an injustice with journalists and people because they have the right to know what is happening.”
He said although situation was improving in other parts of the country, but attacks on Balochistan-based journalists were increasing, adding that the government must address the issue.
He also slammed government for not allowing journalists to enter in some ministries, saying the ministry of Finance and Commerce were not regularly updating data on their websites.
Senior journalists Agha Nasir, Tariq Chaudhry and Raja Riaz also spoke on the occasion.

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