Punjab governor hosts Spanish media delegation | Pakistan Today

Punjab governor hosts Spanish media delegation

The present wave of revolution against the oppressive classes by the suppressed is being duly highlighted and supported by the media. The media is playing a most important role in this revolutionary period. These views were expressed by Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa during a meeting with four members of a Spanish media delegation. The governor informed the delegation that the electronic and print media was playing a vital role of highlighting the good and bad aspects of society.
He said the PPP had always believed in democracy and freedom of the press. He said hidden forces which had always tried to hurt Pakistan for the achievement of their vested interests had unfortunately succeeded in portraying the country as an unsafe place. But the ground realities were different, he said. Members of the delegation agreed with the governor’s point of view and said they had felt very secure when visiting various parts of the country. The governor presented books and souvenirs to the visiting delegation.

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