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Punjab govt’s hands tied against kite flying

Despite recent throat-slitting incident that claimed life of a family’s sole breadwinner, Punjab government is still without any solid plan to check rampant kite flying, its manufacturing and marketing that causes many deaths every year.
After the tragic incident in Sabzazar, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif sprang into action but no short or long term strategy materialised after the initial hype. Following his footsteps, the DIG and commissioner also kept issuing strict orders but did not frame any serious policy to curb the menace. Sources inside the government revealed that proposals to replace the temporary measures against kite-flying with a comprehensive strategy were trashed due to bureaucratic hurdles since the anti-dengue campaign was more ‘attention attracting’.
There is no wing in the CDGL to keep a regular check on kite flying. No new steps have been taken by the police and the CDGL either. Adding salt to injury, Commissioner Jawad Rafique has said “no more” deaths would be tolerated due to the kite flying. He claimed to appoint duties to people of special branch for monitoring the kite flying, adding that police and town municipal officer would be responsible if there is any death. He asked the officers to stop transportation of kite manufacturing material from Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana with help of a special squad and to launch a crackdown against the manufacturers. He directed the DCO to clear the electric polls and wires from all ropes, kites and straighten the entangled wires.
Nishter Town TMO Mir Muhammad Akmal told Pakistan Today that he has asked his staff to monitor the business of kite flying in the area. In a meeting of Police Operations Wing, DIG Operations has also directed the Station House Officers to announce through mosques to people stop the kite flying business. He said a case under sections of murder and terrorism against those found involved in kite flying.

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