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There is no guarding the guards

Flouting court orders of arresting the Station House Officer (SHO) in whose precincts someone dies because of kite-flying, Sabzazar SHO has been allowed to roam scot-free by the Lahore police.
A 25-years-old youth, Muhammad Asif, had died on Wednesday after getting his throat cut by kite string on Main Multan Road in the Sabzazar police area when he was going to a medical store to purchase medicines for his mother who was admitted in the Social Security Hospital due to heart disease.
Police on Thursday handed over the body of the deceased to his family who laid Muhammad Asif to rest in a local grave yard in Sabzazar Area.
Talking to reporters after the funeral, the heirs of deceased Muhammad Asif said the police had not made any arrests so far because they had registered a case against an ‘unidentified man’.
“They were not even giving the body to us,” said Muhammad Tariq, maternal uncle of deceased Muhammad Asif, adding that it had taken them seven hours to get the body from the police.
“In the first place, they were not even registering the case and told us to go to the Gulshan-e-Iqbal police station because the kite that killed Asif was being flown from there. The Gulshan-e-Iqbal police told us to go back since Asif had died in Sabazar and the case should be registered there,” he said, adding that the police had forced them to get a case registered against ‘unidentified men’ to escape punishment. Muhammad Nisar, paternal uncle of deceased Muhammad Asif, on this occasion demanded immediate arrest and suspension of the concerned SHO and said an example needed to be set for the other police officers.
Saddar Division SP Shoaib Khurram Janbaz while talking to Pakistan Today said DIG Operations Ghulam Mehmood Dogar had suspended the Sabzazar SHO with immediate effect on his recommendations. He said a departmental action would also be launched against him.
On other hand the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmed Raza Tahir despite not taking any serious action against the SHO only bothered to issue a single handout in which he ordered to register cases under Terrorism Act against those kite-flyers who would deliberately endanger lives of fellow citizens by using fatal strings. The CCPO in his handout pointed out that there is a complete ban on kite-flying and directed all SHOs to ensure indiscriminate action against elements using prohibited dangerous strings during kite-flying to ensure proper protection of innocent lives. CCPO also directed strict action against aerial firing and those indulging in string making and kite-flying for which all divisional SPs would be held responsible for their respective areas. The CCPO in his handout furthermore claimed that Lahore Police during current year have registered as many as 380 cases of kite-flying and have arrested 405 culprits. It would be important to mention here Muhammad Asif was only source of income for his family and was earning bread for his mother, two younger brothers and three sisters. The deceased was working on a tyre shop. The most heart-shattering scene was of deceased’s mother’s presence during funerals. The woman with heart disease and semi-conscious condition was brought to graveyard on an ambulance of Social Security Hospital to see her eldest son being buried.
4 SHOs SUSPENDED: DIG Operations Ghulam Mahmood Dogar has suspended four SHOs from service on the charges of corruption, negligence, misconduct with citizens and failure in controlling kite-flying on Thursday. Suspended SHOs include SHO Burki Azam Manhais, SHO Green Town Amir Saleem, SHO Old Anarkali Javed Iqbal and SHO Johar Town Ehsan Ashraf.

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