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Veena to get married for 4.5 crores

Just when we thought that the starlet Veena Malik had pulled off quite a ‘costing’ coup by wangling Rs 3 crore for her appearance on the reality TV show based on the epic Indian tradition of Swayamvar, we heard that the lady has been offered an extra Rs 1.5 crore.
However, the extra monies will only be sanctioned if Malik agrees to tie the knot to one of the many suitors on the show itself.
A source informed Mumbai Mirror, “The television channel has drawn up two contracts for Veena. If she walks off without an actual marriage with one of the prospective grooms from the show, she will get only Rs 3 crore.
This was the initial sum that had been agreed upon. However, if she actually marries the man she chooses on televisiobn, she will get a total of Rs 4.5 crore.”
While Veena Malik said she was not allowed to speak about the Rs 4.5 crore contract, Harsh Rastogi the Content Head said, “The amount is certainly not that much.”

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  1. Muhammad Taj said:

    It is shameful for entire nation that a muslim woman is acting and dancing between non muslims. It is too much disgraceful for all pakistanis and being muslims, we should think that our religion teaches us all this?. If this is not, we should certainly discourage these shows. Anyhow, if some one is still interested, he should change the religion and do what he wish. thanks.

  2. jahil said:

    WTF, Veena could have made a better sum while doing some charity in Pakistan.

  3. Awais said:

    Our government sleeps. She should not be allowed back in Pakistan. But again, those who are supposed to do this are the biggest haram khors themselves so we shouldnt expect anything good from their end. Pakistan keeps deteriorating….May ALLAH SWT forgive us and make our country truly an Islamic State. Ameen.

  4. Salman said:

    Some how all the Ghairat and Islam for the people of Pakistan get awaken when it comes to women clothes and dance, where does this Islam and ghairat goes when american bomb you every day, when women is stared when she step out of the house, when acid is thrown on them, when women are treated as 2nd class citizen, when women are bared and paraded in the streets, when women are killed in the name of honour. Where human lives are taken everyday and people are least concerned about that but when it comes from a weak target like Veena she is insulted and humiliated, first look deep inside your own soul of how sick and weak you are before comenting on others weaknesses. I'm not saying what she does is good or right what i'm trying to convey is that stop critisizing others first fix your ownself dont drain your energies on others but conserve it to fix your ownself. Veena might be a weak person but same are you, your weakness might be different from her's but are not any way lesser than hers so please stop defaming others.

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