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Russia endorses full SCO membership for Pakistan

For the first time, Russia publicly endorsed Pakistan’s bid to get full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), as (Russian) Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made this announcement in response to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s address at the SCO meeting at the Constantine Palace.
The Russian prime minister supported Prime Minister Gilani’s proposals for implementing trade and energy projects, and announced financing 0.5 billion dollars for the CASA-1000 that would ensure power transmission from Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and Afghanistan.
In practical and tangible terms, Putin said that Russia wants materialization of projects including TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project and the Central Asia South Asia Electricity Trade and Transmission Project (CASA 1000). Later, the two leaders held bilateral meeting and discussed several important issues including fight against terrorism and extremism.
Both the leaders called for the need to adopt regional approach towards dealing with major challenges. Prime Minister Putin termed his meeting with Prime Minister Gilani very pleasant and expressed satisfaction over bilateral and trade ties between the two countries. “Pakistan is important for us in trade and economy and it is an important partner in South Asia and in Islamic world,” he said.
Putin offered Russia’s assistance in expansion of Pakistan Steel Mills and provision of technical support for the Guddu and Muzaffargarh power plants. He said Russia could facilitate Pakistan in the execution of Thar Coal Project. Gilani said this was his fourth meeting with Prime Minister Putin.
He mentioned that he joined other leaders at the SCO forum despite the occasion of Eid because of the importance of the forum and also of Pakistan’s commitment to the regional issues. He appreciated Russia’s support for mega projects including CASA 1000.
Putin supported Pakistan’s stance on war on terror and agreed to pursue the policy of counter-terrorism for ensuring regional peace. The two prime ministers agreed that collective regional efforts were required to eliminate terrorism from the region to usher in peace and stability, and re-direct all energies towards economic interaction among the members of SCO.

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  1. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    aoa Eid Al Azah Moubarak to All a good gift for our dear country Pakistan getting Full Membership of SCO plus ECO plus OIC warrey Nearrey!

  2. m.aslam said:

    Our foreign policy makers were always reluctent to consider Russia for a friendly relations, it was because of American and pro Americans sitting in policy making. Otherwise Pakistan must have good diplomatic relations with Russia. I feel Russia is much useful for Pakistan on the matter of Kashmir issue. It is because Rassia has enough influene on Indian foreign office. Even the Pakistan must have good working relations with Russia to balance its foreign policy as India has been doingall the time.A country like Pakistan should balance itself through giviny periority to maintan good relations with regional powers and with neighbouring countries.

  3. Burhan Rasool said:

    Is Pakistan being tricked into something? Why would Russia help us after what we did to them almost quarter of a century ago? Is Socialism coming to Pakistan?

  4. Guest said:

    Getting involved or close with the Russians is bad news for Pakistan because the Russians still remember the role Pakistan played in Afghanistan during the 80s which was instrumental in the defeat of Soviet Russia and the ultimate collapse of the USSR.

    Pakistan has the blood of the Soviet Death on its hands, Better be extra vigilant with Russia!

  5. Guest said:

    Expect Gazprom and LukOil to be coming to Pakistan, The Russians clearly want to build pipelines which ultimately will be controlled by Russia, Pakistan should be aware to that and not let the Russians get a control of Pakistan's energy market.

    Pakistan by virtue of geography can decide which projects it wants and with which countries it wants to build pipelines, The energy of the entire region relies on Pakistan to be taken to outside markets, Not to mention Pakistan's own huge energy requirements

  6. Guest said:

    A litmus test for Russian sincerity regarding Pakistan's energy needs would be for Pakistan to demand a nuclear co-operation deal with Russia, Whereby Russia can supply nuclear reactors to Pakistan like China is already doing.

    Either way I think Russia should deal through China with regards to Pakistan, Ultimately China is Pakistan's more reliable ally and relations which China the worlds second largest economy and not Russia (A world power on the slide) should be Pakistan's top priority.

  7. sarmad shah said:

    Russia's endorsement for Pakistan is a good omen for pakistan… it would help Pakistan in its economic growth because Pakistan provides a natural geographic link to SCO countries. and TAPI pipeline is the recent example but no sooner than Pakistan gets into SCO as a full member Pakistan will boost its economy because there is no alternative left for pakistan other than to Trade with regional blocs.

    I would also like to raise concern towards the management of Pakistan Today, I read Pakistan Today, for the first time on internet and i find it very informative therefore i request the management to launch Pakistan Today, the only Berliner newspaper, in Hyderabad , for it provides a good market to English Dailies…

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