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Delayed CSS result

I am writing this letter in utter frustration over the failure of Federal Public Commission Services (FPSC) to declare the written result of CSS 2011. It has been almost eight months since the candidates attempted their last paper and have been anxiously waiting to know their fate. Each one of us pours our heart and soul, burning midnight oil, into the preparation spanning from six months to a year and while waiting for the result is painful, the delay in result only increases our agony and anxiety levels. Even our family members who are anxiously waiting for the result are going through unwarranted stress.

Many of the candidates may not make it and would like to go for a second or third attempt but with only a month remaining until CSS 2012 application submission starts and three months before the actual exams, reappearing candidates are in a limbo as they do not know which subjects need further work and concentration. Also, continuous speculation (a natural phenomenon) on part of candidates, makes us check the FPSC website regularly, only to be disappointed. Many phone calls have also been made to the FPSC office where the staff has only given different estimates every time with result no where in sight.

If shortage of personnel is the issue with an increasing number of candidates every year, the FPSC should have planned ahead and foreseen such eventuality based on continuous rising trend over the past years. We, who wish to serve our nation in the most prestigious central services, should be dealt with a better and efficient mechanism than the Matriculation and/or Intermediate candidates of the provincial education boards. This would also attract rather than deter the most promising and ingenious youth of Pakistan.

We, the young candidates, are at a very important juncture in our lives where many of us have left our jobs and put a hold on taking up other options in hopes to make it to the most revered and coveted services. Therefore, I would respectfully request Mr Justice (Retd) Rana Bhagwandas, Chairman FPSC to personally look into the matter and ensure that the result is declared before Eid so agony is ended we can celebrate Eid in its true spirit.



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  1. Taimoor Gondal said:

    now impossible to be declared before Eid. Hopefully Mr. Justice (Retd.) Rana Bhagwandas will personally look into the matter and soon we will find our result as it is too late now. usually it is announced in the month of october, but this time it is a delay.

  2. Taimoor Gondal said:

    moreover aspirants are confused, whether they prepare for interview or for next attempt. there is a great disturbance in routine life of all the aspirants of CSS 2011. hopfully FPSC would try to announce it as early as possible.

  3. zawar said:

    ofcoure this time board has delayed result and not bothring t o make an excuse throrough newspaper and inform us about some estimated date so this waiting period may come to an end.

  4. zawar said:

    ofcoure this time board has delayed result and not bothring t o make an excuse throrough newspaper and inform us about some estimated date so this waiting period may come to an end.
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  5. Sana said:

    Lack of Discipline or Corrupt System whatever you call, FPSC has lost its credibility. They only need a danda on their heads to work honestly. Their conscience seems dead!

  6. farhan ali said:

    hahahhah so much frustration on part of aggrieved candidates…………infact idiot bhagwandas is incompetent guy he must be kicked off from chairmanship of fpsc……

  7. aman ullah gondal said:

    css candidates must lodge a protest against fpsc to get rid of its stupid chairman.

  8. Sadaf Ikhlaq said:

    Corrupt government and ill equippped facilities from where to began?The system that claims to have management and discipline its so called dignified position is
    collapsed its extremly difficult for the students to decide that they should appear in css 2012 exams or not and i think students should protest againts administrative authority.

  9. inam khan said:

    fpsc has become so poor that doesnot even announce the exact date of the result. it looks now a co-brother of psc kpk. the delayed result is expressing that every aspect of govt machinary is in choas and disturbance.Inam khan Bannu

  10. rida said:

    very bad situation about result what will be futuer of pakistan

  11. amna khan said:

    frustration and agitation is increased for candiadates.delay in result shattering hopes of them with fear of missing therir chances.

  12. aali said:

    we are waiting for the css written result vigorously but there is no response from fpsc.
    if they declare the result in time then the candidates can start preparation for interview and psych test.
    or if they fails in such case they can try for the next time and have more time for hard work

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