2 fleeing robbers arrested with loot | Pakistan Today

2 fleeing robbers arrested with loot

The capital police claimed Wednesday to have arrested two bandits when they were fleeing after robbing a house in Sihala police precincts. A police spokesman said that they were informed about a house robbery and they sent a team which later chased down the fleeing robbers and seized from them looted valuables inducing gold ornaments, cash and mobile phones. According to police sources, three gun-totting robbers had stormed into the house of Zahoor Ahmed, a local resident, in the wee hours of Wednesday stated looting. The sources added that the robbers later left the house with cash, gold ornaments worth Rs 0.25 million. They said the two were arrested while their third associate managed to escape. Those arrested were later identified as Aamir Razaq and Liaqat. The police team also recovered two 30-bore pistols, 14 live rounds from them.

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