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ECP at its climax

It is good to see that institutions are working in our country. Some days ago, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) suspended the membership of more than 200 MPs who failed to file their annual statements of their assets and liabilities before the given deadline by the ECP. Under the Public Representation Act, the ECP is legally bound to suspend any member of National and Provincial assemblies as well as Senate who fails to file his or her financial details by the given deadline.

The democratic government did well by making ECP an autonomous body under the 18th Amendment. It was a good step of the government as ECP is working smoothly without any bias. The ECP suspended lawmakers from upper and lower house of the Parliament and members from all four Provincial assemblies. It is worth mentioning that key members from the ruling party and its coalition parties were also suspended.

It is also noteworthy that lawmakers didn’t make any hurdle on ECP’s suspension notification, as is the practice in the past. Lawmakers have obeyed the ECP orders; some of them have submitted their statements of assets and liabilities and have been restored. ECP’s this practice is appreciable and should be continued in the future as well for the smooth working of the House.



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