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Graveyard caretaker held for necrophilia

A man who used to dig up bodies of recently deceased women and defile them was arrested from a graveyard in Paposh Nagar on Saturday. The suspected necrophiliac, the caretaker of the graveyard, was responsible for watering the graves.
According to complaints received by the police, some people had been dishonouring corpses of recently buried women. A police officer at the Nazimabad police station said the detainee has admitted raping at least 48 dead women in the past few months. Police have registered the First Information Report against the suspect.
The police officer said, “We are speechless. This sort of case is a first for us.” The man has confessed his crimes, and the police are in the process of investigating the matter, he added. Police said they were suspicious that something strange was going on at the Paposh Nagar graveyard.
Locals had also complained about dug graves appearing suddenly in the past couple of months. Neighbours started keeping vigil on the activities of the people visiting the graveyard, the law enforcers said. “Then we received a phone call from one of the neighbours who said he had witnessed a lot of activity in the graveyard,” police said.
They said, “According to the neighbour, hardly anybody was present at the graveyard at that time and yet there was a lot of commotion. We sent a police party with a mobile unit to the site and caught the man in the act.” A case has been registered in the name of Riaz, son of Sher Alam, under Sections 297, 354, 376 and 377.
A small packet containing five grams of hashish was also recovered from the accused man. Another case has also been registered under Section 6/9 B, the police added.

Necrophilia is when an individual achieves sexual gratification by viewing or having intercourse with a corpse. This type of behaviour is very rare and usually men engage in this activity. These men usually suffer severe emotional disorders and are very hateful and frightened towards women.
Also called thanatophilia or necrolagnia, necrophilia is classified as a paraphilia by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association. The word is artificially derived from the ancient Greek words nekros (dead) and philia (love). The term appears to have originated from Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s 1886 work ‘Psychopathia Sexualis’.
A ten-tier classification of necrophilia:
» Role players
» Romantic necrophiles
» People having a necrophilic fantasy (necrophilic fantasisers)
» Tactile necrophiles
» People having a sexual fetish for the dead (fetishistic necrophiles)
» People having a necromutilomania (necromutilomaniacs)
» Opportunistic necrophiles
» Regular necrophiles
» Homicidal necrophiles
» Exclusive necrophiles


  1. nasir said:

    these people should be cut into pieces and thrown into a gutter. they don't deserve a burial

    • Mahad Abdul Niaz said:

      While you're at it, might as well rape their corpses as well. Right? Wrong. If the death penalty is what is ruled as justice for this man's crimes, than the death penalty it should be. However, I seriously doubt that the death penalty is carried out through cutting the body into pieces.

      • Hana Ateeq said:

        I don't think there should be a death penalty. Get him some help. You think people in States give death penalties for this. No. They try to get them psychologically evaluated and have people work with them to make sure that they don't perform such acts again. Since it is the first case, it should be handled very carefully to set an example. I think he should get some psychological help. It's quite ridiculous to penalize someone every time they commit a crime the Pakistan society disapproves of.

        • angel said:

          this is the first case in pakistan but if you research widely it happens in alot of countries! such men do not deserve any dort of help, yeah they maybe mentaly unstable but this is outrageous these men should be disected and tortured!!!!!

        • farooqui said:

          what about justice to the families whose daughters he raped,i wonder if you would be that supporting if it was your daughter,may ALLAH guide us and have mercy on us all and save us,AMEEN.

        • Saqib said:

          ya and if one of the 48 women who got raped , was one of ur sister or blood relatives..then i was gonna ask u this question and u definitely wd hv minded up to reconsider ur opinion..!!!

  2. Tariq Raza said:

    What kind of man he is? no mercey with him burn hime in fornt of Pakistani peoples and must show this on TV channels

  3. Haris said:

    Sick indeed, but ironically I'm seeing an ad of the ''Corpse Bride'' right next to this article!!!

    • angel said:

      i dont know what corpse bride article your looking at but there is is a kids family movie ‘corpse bride’ its nothing like this what so ever.

  4. Rehana said:

    Though extremely heinous, it's yet a psychological and emotional disorder and may also be seen and understood in that context.

    • maheen said:

      this person should be cut into pieces must, o my God i m speechless. where z our law we have no any law. this man will release after some period than i will kill him.

  5. haris said:

    shameless for everyone,where is law?this scourandel give him the people of pakistani they cut into pieces and this is the food of vulture.

  6. angel said:

    this was the first time i heard about such a crime! it upset me so much! i cannot believe people would do such a thing. as soon as i heard about this i researched the topic up further and found that its not only pakistan that this happens in but in alot of other european + other countries! i was shocked! these people have psychological problems aswell BUT i see this as no excuse to comitt such disgusting crimes! i have no care for such people! THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!!!!! i cannot express in words how angry this has made me!!!

  7. ali said:

    well.. is is a case where we do not have any legislation, the sections of Pakistan Penal Code does not apply on this case as 297 is regarding the trespassing in grave, 376 is rape and 377 is un natural offence, none of these happened as this is committed with corpse, in Singapore 377 is amended from unnatural offence to sex with corpse, it should be amended first then he may be tried, secondly this is a mentally sick person and he can be released by the magistrate under section 476 being mentally sick and sent to any psychiatric hospital… he cannot be convicted … since necrophilia is a mental disorder…

  8. shahbaz said:

    please bring him to a busy crossroad and and start pelting stones at him free by common people see that he dies in public with pelted stones ,his sexual parts should be cut off by common people shame on him and shame on him being muslim and born in islam and in paaak is thaaan paakiza country kaisi honi chahiye saqt se saqt saza de uss shaitan ko

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