Daily Archives: October 29, 2011

Five-minute silence

Liver transplant surgeon, author, and The New York Times columnist Pauline W Chen suggests doctors and nurses should be obliged to pause for silent reflection when someone they are treating dies. It

Worsening situation

We live in a society where 67 percent of our total population earn its livelihood through agriculture. Our farmers toil day and night in their fields but earn nothing. This is why

Reservations about dams

It is a misconception that dams block river water flow. Dams store water only during the flood season without interfering with the normal flow of the river. The stored water is then

Cattle market problems

CDA has rented cattle market (for Eid-ul-Azha) place for Rs. 6.5 million for 1st Zilhuj to 13 Zilhuj in sector I-11, Islamabad. The market being situated at this place causes great trouble

Flawed reportage?

Western countries and their media are very fond of lecturing the underdeveloped nations especially Pakistan to adopt high moral values and traditions which lead societies towards prosperity. Ironically their own organisations, including

NTS’ poor performance

NTS (National Testing Service) is a laudable institution which has been conducting various tests for admissions in medical colleges and engineering universities since long. Moreover, written examinations of various jobs are too

Yaseen Azad leading in SCBA elections

Yaseen Azad is leading in the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) elections, according to television channels. Yaseen Azad and Rasheed A Rizvi are in the run for the position of SCBA President.