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Jemima Khan to attend PTI rally

Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, is expected to arrive in Islamabad on Thursday (today) to participate in a demonstration against the US drone strikes in the country’s tribal areas, according to a local newspaper.
Imran will lead the rally in front of the parliament house on Friday, while Jemima will participate in the rally as a representative of the British charity called Reprieve.

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  1. Sameed Basha said:

    everything is good abt Imran Khan…perfect record…..magar jab yeah apni beewee ko samhaal nahi saka tho mulk ko kahan se control karay ga?

    • F Hussain said:

      Look at his ideology and not his personal life… there is no one in pakistan right now who could challange the existing policital elite the way Imran Khan has done. we need someone who comes with an ideology and has no corrupt history… no matter if he doesnt become a PM but he has mobilzed the nation and made them aware of all these "Businessmen". if you dont support him as a PM, its fine but at least help him kick them out.

      • UK Observer said:

        "if you dont support him as a PM, its fine but at least help him kick them out."

    • Haligonian said:

      If you really care to know, pls watch his interview with NDTV and also read his book where he explains why they were separated. But again, that's too much work for you, so do not bother. Just to let you know it was PMLN who made Jamima a prime target as Jewish Lobbyist during their campaign. And she is not even a Jew. Their dirty politics and media manipulation forced them to take thos decision. See how uneducated and ignorant people like you have been manipulated by so call Leagues (they literally destroyed the true spirit of Muslim League, just like what mr. 10% did for PPP).

      Next time, just do your homework before you share your dirty views on someone's personal life.

      And no, we are NO interested in your family knowledge of controlling biwis.

      See you on Sunday @ Minar-e-Pakistan


      • UK Observer said:


        " What Mr10% did for PPP."


        "What Mr 110% did for PPP."

        But I still feel Mr Khan is not suitable as PM. He should invite competent judges, ex- officers from both and civil administration and make march rather double march forward.

        Thank you

  2. Sa'adia Waseem Aslam said:

    Mohammad ALi Jinaahs secod marriage failed.
    Winston Churchills personal life was in shambles.

    So, yeah, don’t see the correlation between great statesmanship with marriages.

  3. Azeem Dada said:

    Shahbaz Sharif has married thrice. his son has two divorces and a suspected third marriage. zulfiqar ali bhutto had two wives (nusrate bhutto being the 2nd one) and of course the lion of Punjab Ghulam Mustafa Khar also deserves a mention here

    • Insider said:

      Most definitely not. Jemiama had affair of sexual nature with Hugh Grant an English Actor. She is now being linked with some one else. But of course she is mother to Imran Khan's two sons who he thinks are having a good upbringing.

      • Insider said:

        Most definitely not. Jemiama had affair of intimate nature with Hugh Grant an English Actor. She is now being linked with some one else. But of course she is mother to Imran Khan's two sons who he thinks are having a good upbringing.

        • kaiser said:

          as your name suggests, you were probably inside the room where affairs took place. Dear insider this amounts to QAZF ask for the forgiveness of allah
          I can only term your remarks ass rash and without substance

  4. Saadia Anwar said:

    Cheap shots by media and some people commenting here too. Jemima Khan is a well-known anti-war activist in UK. What matters is not whose wife she has been in the past but that she is attending a rally against drone attacks in Pakistan. Pakistani khud tu kuch kar naheen saktai siwai batoon kai agar koee kuch thoree koshish karta hai tu ulta uska mazak uratai hain aur tangain khainchtai hain.

    • naveed said:

      good u r Wright but some thing wrong with our people what is this?

    • KillAll said:

      O bhai, kuch na ker skney ka matlab ye to nahi k Mulak hi bech k kha jao…Imran ir Jamaima kya or kyun hai ye sab jantay hain..

    • tayyaba rana said:

      for ur kind information, she is attending the rally, not the organizer of the rally. plz hav patience. imran's supporters need this the most. democracy is all abt patience. our worst ruler zardari even showing patience as a lot of bad mouthing against him day & night.

  5. Shehnam said:

    That is great news. International media should see what Pakistanis think of US policy. Pakistan government is US slaves but Pakistanis are not!!! IA gona be great

  6. Sarosh Haider said:

    @Sadia;its not about marriages its a matter of character. a play boy launch justice movement. in America clinton has to leave on a single scandal.

  7. Azeem Dada said:

    US presidents, Franklyn Roosevelt, John F kennedy, Bill Clinton all had issues related to marriage and infidelity. Salman Taseer married twice and also had a child out of wedlock.

    • Jan Muhammad said:

      You deliberately did not mention here that Imran Khan also had a girl out of wedlock

  8. Saadia Anwar said:

    @Sarosh Haider Clinton did not leave office because of the scandal. The scandal happened in first term of his presidency and Clinton also completed second term as a president. I find it better to judge a person from his present than from his past. This is because I believe in repentance from Allah.

    • naveed said:

      u r Wright but us and pk is totly different nations what is the solution of pakistan problems

      • jan muhammad said:

        scandel came to light in second term of Clinton not first. What I am at loss to understand is that why you people become dishonest in mind just to prove ur point

    • A Razak said:

      We should Keep in mind the purpose for which they have stood for, instead

  9. Muhammad Usman said:

    Dear friends, marriage needs a lot of time and when you have a schedule like Imran’s, I.e one dedicated goal after another, you aren’t able to do that. Please take a look at his accomplishments outside his personal life.

  10. Kiran Shah said:

    Let the PTI and PMLN fight…dono ke paith mein darhe hai…:-)

  11. Shahid Malik said:

    Imran is working on a Jewish agenda. His sons are being brought up by Jews. And now a Jew comes to personally supervise his performance.
    It is extremely objectionable that Imran & Jemima still live together after divorce when they are in the same city.

    • kaiser said:

      who are you to object? are you blind to what is happening in Islamabad? for you people like Zardari are suitable

  12. Sabiha Arsh said:

    @ Mohammad Usman u r right… We have the example of Quaid e Azam and his personal life. He lived his life for others.

  13. imran safi said:

    that is a great news imran khan will bring a real chang in pakistan INSHALLAH
    we all with imran khan

  14. Tariq Khan said:

    Imran can re marry her, if both aggree. As per Jewish tradition sons will be treated as JEWS. If sons embrace Islam, they will become Muslims. What difference in the basic teachings of Judaism and Islam…Nill!?! Re marrying her is the best solution for Imran Khan, Her and the children. Good Luck….. Tariq Khan

  15. Iftikhar Ahmad said:

    ANALYSIS- PTI will destroy votes of PML(N) and the PPP will win

    • Yasser Masood said:

      PPP already won a meager number of seats the last time, needed a so called coalition of monkeys as lamented the PM on Dec 25th '11 at the Mazare Quaid. After their corrupt performance for the past four years and an incapable setup, they will not win any votes. Your analysis in a country where every election is rigged or shadowed in murder and chaos is incorrect.

  16. Kashif Subhani said:

    Joe lobby come to start its business in shape of Imran Khan and Jemmima khan. Its only drama which made by Imran Joe Lobby.

  17. kaiser said:

    Though divorce is acceptable in Islam but he can now remarry her. alternately she has all the right to come and see her children, live with them stay and roam in Pakistan. Islam also does allow her to remarry him under prescribed conditions. Reconciliation in Islam is allowed. It is a shame we make a taboo of Islam and scandalize every news. If Zardari is acceptable as a president why do we poke our nose between a family affair? I wish them well and Pray to GOD Almighty to forgive them and reunite them so that IMRAN rids our country of corruption from all aspects of society.

  18. kaiser said:

    He is certainly better than Rehman Malik, Zardari, the Munafiq Babur Awan, and the corrupt ruling liars

  19. Muddassir said:

    She does not go with "Khan" as her last name. Pls avoid simple idiotic mistakes!

  20. Atiqkhan said:

    muslim world think jemima attending of pti rally this show england want to stop drone attack which are responsble of fidaein attacks and intercast fighting in fpakistan which are destroyin g pakistan and pakistan people think usa bigger enymy of pakistan in the world but jemima can do more this is very good news.

  21. Lummy said:

    What is wrong with Pakistani People do you still want zardari and gillani In charge after Pakistan has been destroyed get out there follow imran khan and his party we need change and we need it now? Forget about corrupt ppp and robbers pml -n and start afresh show the world that we don't just follow anyone who our elders used to follow,we have our own brains and minds let's make change for a better Pakistan,Pakistan is in turmoil human beings have no value,blood is cheaper than water in Pakistan .WE NEED CHANGE AND WE NEED IT NOW …PAKISTAN Zindabad ppp and pml-n murdabad….

  22. munaza akhter said:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they look soo major together im really sad for their separation…………….. they r just made for each other

  23. muhammad asif said:

    I cannot participate in the rally but all best wished with Imran Khan. Appeal to whole nation give a chance to Imran one time only and see the difference. now your destiny is in your hand. Elect Imran Khan one time as you elected all parties earlier and i am sure he will not disappoint us.

  24. queenhazal said:

    i think instead of blaming imran khan we should support him at least he is the 1 who speak about dron attacksabout currption in pakistan i m supporting him and instead of having personal attacks on him we should support him

  25. zafarov said:

    @ Sarosh Haider
    Its always a good idea to get your facts right before making judgemental statements. Clinton was attacked not so much for his affair with Monica Lewinsky but that he blatantly lied about it . And no, he was not impeached and he did not leave and completed his term as President in the normal. It is perfectly possible for a playboy to firmly believe in justice and a just society. Where is the contradiction?

  26. anwar said:

    good ex-wife or a concerned mother securing political future of kids- its hard to say. Anyway the competition {Zardari-2 and Baynazir 2} will be pretty much retired when these brats kick in.

  27. BilalShah26 said:

    Ik has no programme and no vision.He only knows how to hold rallies and level corruption charges at his opponent.This is not enough to make him a successful politician.

  28. Furrukh munir said:

    Good luck Amran & good luck jemima. We all proud of u.

  29. @generous204 said:

    Jemima Khan is a great lady and mother of two sons A great writer and against wars and do write against highhandedness of any kind A very great choice of Imran Khan God may bless both and the family They both have accomplished a lot in their lives Good luck

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