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Indian groom-search TV show handpicks Veena

A popular Indian TV show that helps celebrities find their perfect match by organising a ‘Swayamvar’ seems to have gained a lot of popularity with more and more celebs wanting to be on it. As reported by an Indian daily, Pakistani actress Veena Malik, Mika, Raja Chaudhary and Rakhi Sawant were among the contenders vying to be on the show. However, a source revealed that Veena Malik won the battle.
The source said, “Singer Mika and Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Raja Chaudhary had approached the channel to be a part of ‘Swayamvar’ season 4. Even Rakhi Sawant, who was selected for the first season, wanted another chance to find herself a husband.” Apparently, Rakhi had also agreed to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with the groom and a contract to ensure she would get married. The source added, “She also told the channel that she would want to run a background check on the candidates, after her experience with Elesh. Finally, the channel decided on Veena, who rose to fame through her connection with Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Asif and her stint on ‘Bigg Boss 4’.” Wondering what Ashmit Patel must be thinking about his good friend’s Veena’s decision to join the show!

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