Indian chopper forced to land for violating Pakistani airspace | Pakistan Today

Indian chopper forced to land for violating Pakistani airspace

Pakistan’s military forced an Indian army helicopter to land for violating Pakistani airspace on Sunday and detained four Indian army officers, the army said.
The helicopter intruded into Pakistani territory in Olding sector in northern Skardu region around 1:00 p.m (0800 GMT).
“The helicopter had came deep into our airspace. It was forced to land. Four Indian army officers have been taken into safe custody. They are safe,” military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas told Reuters.
Abbas said India had been informed of the incident and investigations were underway.

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  1. -imran said:

    why PAF forced them to land!! they shud have shot that chopper down!! thats the way we should deal with them!!

    • david said:

      how would it feel on the other end of the stick!
      as the press inform: goes it was due to weather reasons that the craft strayed into Pakistan territory.
      Tomorrow it could be a PIA flight Karachi to Bangkok straying from the given corridor…ooops!

      • david isafakename said:

        You indians always like to kill unarmed civilians. i still remember how gleefully you guys showered your manhood on a train bound for delhi from lahore. how manly!

  2. Nangdharangg said:

    @ Kumar: HAHA!!!
    @ Imran (Khan?): Bhai, a word of humble advice, jaan ki amaan paatay huay: stop watching 'laal topee walaa maskharaas' / Zaid Hamids. SHUN them like the plague…
    Peace !

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