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Computer error killed student. Who is responsible?

Father of a student of 1st year of Government College University Lahore who shot himself dead after the Inter Part 1’s erroneous result asked outside the board office about the alternate for the life of his son. This incident took place on Monday near Ravi Road, Lahore after the announcement of intermediate results. The victim was an 18-year-old Shahzad Ahmed, a resident of Nawaz Sharif Park in Qila Lacchman Singh. He said that though the Government has confessed its mistake and has cancelled the results, but would it be an alternate for him? The father of deceased kept on protesting with the boys outside the education board Lahore office for a while on Saturday.

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  1. Muhammad Bin Naveed said:

    The father should be asked what he did to make his son believe that INTER RESULTS were worth taking his life over.

    AFTER A lengthy mourning period of course. All the more reason why counselling should be included in our schools and workplaces to deal with such issues.

    • pakistani said:

      who knows father did got a chance to convince his son ???

  2. Shahab said:

    Tragedy, No doubt but the departed soul would never RIP. and we all know that. I pray Allah bless us with wisdom enough to value life over some stupid set of expectations.

    I see it as lack of communication between generations. Only lack of knowledge could lead someone to such an unholy ending. we should rather start talking to our children, brothers and sisters and try to enlighten them about the afterlife consequences of such an act.

  3. Ali Asif said:

    Our youth really needs something in all departments. I mean, first that Kinnaird college incident and now this one. Wasn't the suicide bombing enough for us? I belong to the same institute and i don't have words for these ultra bizarre incidents. What kind of a society we have created where even the education has become a big enemy of human life. God help us all.

  4. Mohd said:

    The tragedy is grave indeed but if it hadnt been a mistake then what? who does one blame then?
    Indeed counselling should be included as well as parents need guidance too.
    Also its time our children start choosing for themselves rather than following the centuries old tradition of trying to top FSc!
    Bad results are not the end of the world!

  5. Zach Khan said:

    Misleading title. The computer error did not kill the student. He took his own life.

  6. Uja said:

    What does this show? The family pressure on the students. How many of us are willing to take thier lives if they get a bad result? not much i bet.
    The child must be under pressure of relatives and everyone that he could not bear the thought of facing them after a bad result. so he took his life.

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