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Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S

Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast on Saturday.
The remarks were in sharp contrast to recent tension between the two neighbours over cross-border raids, and Afghan accusations that Pakistan was involved in killing the chief Afghan peace envoy, former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani.
“God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview.
“If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”
Such a situation is extremely unlikely, however. Despite months of tension and tough talk between Washington and Islamabad, the two allies appear to be working to ease tension.
In a two-day visit to Islamabad, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ruled out “boots on the ground” in North Waziristan, where Washington has been pushing Pakistan to tackle the Haqqani network.
Pakistan is seen as a critical ally to the U.S. drive to end the conflict in Afghanistan.
Karzai said tensions between the United States and Pakistan did not have any impact in his country’s attitude towards Pakistan.

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  1. Ghulam Abbas Malik said:

    that is that person that has recentagreement with India to circle pakistan

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  2. Laeeq Hashmi said:

    he couldn’t protect himself always need support whenever he is outside presidential palace of kabul how come he will support Pakistan if attacked which is highly unlikely though he will keep continuing Baloch Insurgency …

  3. Laeeq Hashmi said:

    hahahah why he is supporting Baloch insurgency? India has 14 consulates on afghan Balochistan border Baramdagh bugti is Guest of Indian consulates in Afghanistan. Realistically he needs Pkistan support after US & NATO EXIT even in their presence he just has control on Kabul Presidential Place ..

  4. Mohsin said:

    The rat said to bull "God forbid, If ever the lion attacked you, I will side with you".

  5. M Aslam said:

    He is double face person, his saying can not be belived,
    Our Govt must be careful.

  6. Zeeshan Haider said:

    Hmain jang mainnphansa kar khud peeche hat jae ga, wo kehtey hain na “hum to doobey hain sanam tum ko bi le doobain gey”

  7. Anon said:

    Speaking reciprocally: "God forbid, If ever there is a war between Afghanistan and America, Pakistan will side with Afghanistan" . Happy?

    But what would America do, if there is a war between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  8. Muhammad Iftikhar said:

    hume doobone kee ye khwab in sha allah adoorah reh jaega.jin logo ka plan hai,sirf aur sirf islamabad aur kabul ko corporate karna chaheye.privileges and liabilities that are distinct from those of its members should think first about any action in the region’ like mr kiyani said that’ they have to think 10 times before any act,JIHAD is the way to get freedom from cruels.

  9. fmeducation said:

    The recent visit of Secretary Clinton to Islamabad and her sudden change of tone, and heart, was no surprise to anyone. It clearly suggests that, for its economic compulsions, the US wants to get out of the Afghanistan mess it has created itself, as soon as possible. It wants to do so without compromising on its broader objectives and its interests in the region. It seeks to broker a peace deal with the Taliban factions through Pakistan and is pressuring Pakistan to push Haqqanis, the most powerful of Taliban, to the negotiating table. It thought Pakistan could arm-twist Haqqanis into submission through a military operation in North Waziristan. The US thinks that Pakistan, for a variety of reasons, has the “capacity to encourage, to push, to squeeze … terrorists, including the Haqqanis and the Afghan Taliban, to be willing to engage on the peace process”. This reflects the reality that the United States is desperate and is running out of options in Afghanistan. This explains the clear pattern of sweet-talk, coerce and sweet-talk again. Read more at:

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