Amin holds Nawaz, Musharraf responsible for energy crises

Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Faheem has said that Pervez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif are responsible for the energy crises as they failed to produce even one megawatt of electricity during their tenures.
While speaking to journalists after inaugurating the 6th Expo 2011 here on Thursday, he said that PPP was in the power and PML-N was strolling in the streets.
The country was facing acute energy crisis, he said further adding that it was also expected fact that most of the business community was shifting its investment to foreign countries.
He said the government was working on the projects of power generation besides huge dams and small water reservoirs. Pak Iran gas pipeline and start of Diamir Bhasha Dam was the important developments in this regard, he said and added that the condition of law and order in the country was also getting improving slowly.
Earlier while speaking to the inaugural ceremony of the Expo 2011, the minister said the federal cabinet would give approval regarding trade policy soon. He said the expo would not only promote the business related activates in the country but would also boost up the morale of the traders and industrialists.

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    • jan muhammad said:

      Amin Fahim is 110% right, because 5000MW TharCoal agreement was signed with HONGKONG based company PowerAsia who had even higher business trust than China in 1996. Farooq Laghari and Benazir were present in nationally televised signing ceremony. Then Benazir govt was overthrown, Nawaz became PM and he cancelled that agreement without reason. Result is present load shedding. Nawaz did nt add even a single MW.

  1. Sami Siddiqui said:

    What a way to inaugurate Expo 2011! Shows pretty much his midget mentality. I guess he’s forgetting that the event in which he was showing his big mouth is a legacy of none other than Sir Musharraf.

  2. Muhammad Sarfraz Abbasi said:

    Musharraf is responsible in the sense that he being coward and greedy introduced NRO and gave another chance to you crooks come and ruin lives of million of people.. Today when I was watching Qaddafi’s death time clips I was feeling sorry for you guys that there is day for you.. Get ready, you are such a loser Mr. Faheem, you were thrown out from party like shit, and how you compromised? is there any self-respect has left in you? What a pity..

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