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Mirza again criticizes Rehman Malik

After brief silence, Zulfiqar Mirza again fired a salvo against Interior Minister Rehman Malik.
Talking to the media at his residence in Karachi, Mirza, former Sindh home minister, said that Benazir Bhutto came to Karachi to break the shackles of slavery and to help the downtrodden.
He said that Rehman Malik used to try to scare the president and the prime minister from the Army and ISI chiefs.
Mirza said that Rehman Malik had advised him not to take interest in Karachi’s affairs, saying that “the ISI was creating unrest in Karachi through the MQM”. The former provincial home minister said that he was willing to provide security to Bilawal Bhutto.

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  1. Marium Shehzad said:

    Mirza shahab..till when it will be just in words..for GOD sake stop diverting people of pakistan from the major issues..give the proves and show some action around..!

  2. observer from UK said:

    Dr Z Mirza is absolutely right in bringing the attention of the people of the country about Rahman Malik's hideous activities. Rahman Malik should answer what Dr Mirza is saying. The federal interior minister has been a hurdle in the smooth running of the home ministry of the province of Sindh. Rahman Malik has been frequently visiting Karachi in the name of bringing peace in the city but his most of the time and energies were devoted to placate his guru Altaf Hussain and other thug Ishratul Ibaad.

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