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Sheikh Rasheed sees conspiracy against PR

Awami Muslim League (AML) President Sheikh Rasheed has said that a conspiracy is undergoing against Pakistan Railways (PR).
While presiding over a sit-in against the awful condition of railways on Saturday, he said a conspiracy was undergoing against the PR and added that destroying PR was just like destroying the country.
He said further when he was minister, 24 new trains were added to the railways.

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  1. rana imran advocate said:

    sheikh sab these r all uneducated rulled upon them exmple like our president.transporter is our railway minister very sad……….

  2. rana imran advocate said:

    in British time railway track is 11000 km but now just 8000 km

  3. Khizar said:

    Which politician next is going to announce a sit in at Lahore airport for improvement in PIA.

  4. rana imran advocate said:

    Media is the biggest corrupted pillar of the state just doing talk shows not disclose the corruption in deptt.

  5. Mohsin said:

    Corruption has become the culture and trait of our nation. They will crumble down all institutions. No cosmetic measures can save. The morals of people have to be transformed. Where are our spiritual leaders? Why no more Ali Hajveris to cleanse the hearts of people?

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