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Interest in technical education rising: STEVTA

Interest in acquiring technical education is rising in Sindh as more than 17,000 students have applied for admission in technical institutions this year as compared to 12,500 last year, according to the Sindh Technical Educational and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA).
“This has only become possible because for the first time political influence in getting admission to technical education institutions has stopped and preference was given to merit,” said STEVTA Managing Director Abdul Wahid Uqaili. “Punjab has made its technical education very good and we follow it.”
Students of other provinces also have been offered to get admission in technical institutions in Sindh. The STEVTA has arranged admission tests to get into technical institutions through the Service (NTS). Admission to 22 technologies were offered in STEVTA, with 30 seats quota for Pakistan Army, 10 seats for navy, 10 for air force are reserved.
On the prime minister’s orders, 50 seats were allocated to the Makran Zone and 20 more for other parts of Balochistan, two seats for Azad Kashmir, two for FATA and one for the Northern Areas.
Uqaili said that some seats have been reserved on exchange basis with 22 seats for boys and two girls, 12 male students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 10 girls, and 12 boys from Balochistan and 10 girls.
All seats will be filled on merit through the tests conducted by NTS at 18 test centres in 23 districts of Sindh. The test results will be announced on October 20.

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